Saturday, January 16, 2021

In a box outside

Tweet (HAPPY):

"living in america is like being born into a super rich family that forces you to sleep in a box outside" 

Tweet (Sister Helen Prejean):
"The death penalty is fundamentally a poor person’s issue. Over nearly 40 years of visiting death row facilities across the United States, I have never met a single person with money or resources. Capital punishment means “those without the capital get the punishment.”"
Tweet (Michael Tracey) (this was during the time of Killary's brilliant plan to have the (((media))) promote Trump, the idea being he would squeeze out the serious Republican candidates and she would then roll over him in the election):
"Went back and re-watched some Trump interviews on CNN, MSNBC, etc. from 2015 and early 2016. Beyond chummy. Corporate media really did all they possibly could to boost Trump until the moment he became nominee. Now they call him fascist. Well if so, they were fascism’s #1 enablers"
Tweet (Sam Adams):
"imagine running these numbers and thinking the problem is paying the minimum-wage worker too much"
Mark of the Beast news:  "Silicon Valley and WEF-Backed Foundation Announce Global Initiative for COVID-19 Vaccine Records" (Webb).  Also, of course, Palantir:  "NHS Contract With US Tech Firm May Be 'Massive Breach' of Data Protection Law, Says medConfidential" (Elmaazi) and "CDC Urges Biden To Drop Palantir's COVID Tracker" (Durden).

"Rush to judgment on Trump? Multiple leftists arrested for Capitol riot" (Showalter).  There are a considerable amount of agents provocateurs who are neither Antifa, nor MAGA, but just work for the federal government.

"Joe Biden’s War" (J. Hawk for South Front):
"Moreover, it does seem that the US “Deep State” is frustrated by Russia’s resistance and is getting impatient to finally grapple with China. It has already made many moves in that direction during the Trump administration, including the crackdown on Huawei, the effort to ban or seize Tik-Tok, last-minute moves to expand US contacts with Taiwan in violation of the “One China” policy, and most notably by the growing importance of naval and air power in Pentagon thinking. When Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Mark Milley of the U.S. Army says that the Army will need to have its spending cut in order to bolster the U.S. Navy budget, this is no longer some Trumpian whim, but rather an expression of broad-based consensus preferences. Something that violates the long-standing if unwritten rule that each of the three major services, Army, Navy, Air Force, gets an equal share of the defense budget, cannot be anything other than an indicator of a major shift of focus.

Because while a US naval build-up would have consequences for Russia, since USN warships carry long-range land-attack missiles that are to be supplemented by hypersonic weapons and possess anti-ballistic missile defense capabilities, they are hardly suitable for the task of “defending the Suwalki Gap” and other NATO missions in Eastern Europe. Even the US Marine Corps, which during the Cold War had a major European NATO mission in Norway, is shedding its tanks and artillery to reshape itself as a force for littoral combat in the many archipelagoes of western Pacific. So, if anything, it looks like the United States military is actually sacrificing its ability to put boots, and tanks and guns, on the ground in continental Europe for the sake of putting ships and planes into and over the East China Sea and possibly the Arctic Ocean.

Biden’s team could try to reverse all that, but doing so would carry high political costs. Hunter Biden’s China ties are a liability that will be exploited should Joe “show weakness” toward China. The “Uyghur genocide” rhetoric will only intensify in the coming years, there is nothing that Biden can do to stem that, not anymore than Trump could tamp down on the “Russian collusion” theories that proliferated over the years. China’s success at tackling COVID-19 has only raised the sense of urgency about the “China threat” among the US supremacists. And finally there are the domestic US constituencies, often consisting of traditional Democratic Party voters, who backed Trump because the confrontation with China meant the possibility of manufacturing jobs of coming back to the US.

All in all, it does not appear possible that Biden will have the luxury of picking and choosing theaters of Cold War, which sets us up for the spectacle of the United States that could not defeat the Taliban attempt to tackle two Eurasian major powers all at once. As in the previous iteration of “Cold War”, the battlefield will be the peripheral countries that are torn between the United States and the Eurasian powers. These include the European Union, whose economic interests are not served by US-led escalation toward either Russia or China, but also Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, Philippines, and even India which collectively represent a geopolitical “no-man’s land” since their alliance commitments to the US are balanced by economic ties to America’s “designated enemies”.

Whether the United States is up to the task of handling this kind of a challenge is an open question. China’s, Russia’s economic systems are far more viable than they were during the Cold War, and are also healthier than Western economies that are struggling under massive debt burdens and require constant monetary stimulus policies by their respective central banks. US internal problems and divisions will likewise drain attention and budget funding away from international adventures. Should Biden focus on implementing this extreme foreign policy agenda at the expense of domestic priorities, the next round of isolationist backlash in the US will be even stronger than the previous one. So the situation in many ways resembles that facing the Nixon Administration in the late 1960s. However, is anyone in the Biden Administration willing to pursue détente policies?"
"Sedition Tracker".

This is a perfect description of the current bewildering state of official direction of the government of Ontario (Ford is currently in the state of having to pretend to do something while not interfering in any way with the profits of the long-term care facilities or the big box Assholian chain stores):  tweet (Matt O'Brien):
"GOVERNMENT: stay home
ME: ok I’m staying home GOVERNMENT: wanna go out and get a burrito or something? ME: can I? GOVERNMENT: ya maybe I dunno ME: can I goto the park? GOVERNMENT: haha buddy I dunno what am I the park police"
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