Friday, January 01, 2021

Inhumane tragedy

"The American System Is One Big Grift" (Van Buren). 

Levine and his crew continue their attacks on Greenwald (aka Falun Glenn).  For the most part they seem disappointed that Greenwald isn't someone Greenwald has never claimed to be, but which seemed appropriate given some of his opinions.  He's more accurately described as libertarian rather than left or progressive.

"And The Landlords Said “Fuck You”" (Rovics).  The mass eviction problem is so huge nobody wants to think about it.

"Living and Dying in America in 2021" (Case/Deaton).

The Ontario Minister of Finance pulled one of those ubiquitous 'do as I say not as I do' Covid stunts now popular in the hypocritical political classes, and eventually got the sack for it, probably because the Premier outright lied about not knowing about the trip and thus needed a sacrificial lamb.  

Big names, the kind that Ford might have to listen to:  "Enough is enough: We demand change to the inhumane tragedy playing out in Ontario’s long-term care homes" (Rivett/Bitove).

"Quebec government documents expose its disastrous mishandling of initial pandemic response" (Charlebois).

"Critics Warn Repeal of Section 230 ‘Would Be Devastating for Human Rights, Social Movements, and Marginalized People’" (Corbett).

Tweet (Elijah J. Magnier):

"Check for your self:

Italy seized drugs belong to ISIS Italy seized drugs belong to Syria Italy seized drugs belongs to Assad and Hezbollah Italy seized drugs belong to Hezbollah That is called Premium fake news."
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