Monday, January 04, 2021

It's treason when you do it

"“Treason Is a Matter of Dates”: Democrats Denounce Republicans for the Same Challenge They Previously Made to Republican Presidents" (Turley).

Tweet (Kevin Gosztola):

"The judge referred to Chelsea Manning's suicide attempt in Alexandria Detention Center to justify rejecting the US extradition request against Assange. 

That means the further brutality committed against WikiLeaks' source played a key part in US losing their case."
Particularly given all the signals the judge was giving off, the decision is a bit of a miracle, and I'm not sure I would be quite so pessimistic about it:  "Assange Wins. the Cost: Press Freedom Is Crushed, and Dissent Labelled Mental Illness" (Cook).  It is quite a stretch to see the decision as meaning dissent is mental illness.  The direct attack on the competency of the Assholian prison system is quite something coming at a time the world can see the incompetency of the Assholian medical system.  The entire country has fallen apart.  In a weird way she's signaling that she no longer has to defer to Empire as the Empire has lost too much strength.

"‘NYT’ covers up Warnock flipflop under pressure from Israel lobby" (Weiss).  Hiding The Visit from the farm animals.

Optimistic as hell!:  "Preview signals Biden’s foreign policy shifts" (Bhadrakumar).

Note that Angus was complaining about the Apartheid vaccination policies of the Israeli government:  tweet (Gabriel Masi):
"There you have it folks. Conservatives admit they want to implement IHRA to stifle free speech. 
Cons only bring out the free speech argument when racist slurs are involved. #cdnpoli"
Can you imagine if Zuck disappeared for two months?: "Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Has Been Missing For 2 Months" (Durden).  The Chinese realize that it is dangerous to allow anyone to be too dominant in too many different areas.
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