Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Just slightly more rude

"just slightly more rude" 

"Macron rules out official apology for colonial abuses in Algeria".  "The Paris massacre that time forgot, 51 years on" (Hani).  "Algeria to Protect its National Interests" (Odintsov).  "Déclaration de Georges Abdallah pour le meeting anti-impérialiste".

Tweet (Ben Norton):

"Twitter just suspended the account of Venezuela's new National Assembly, which was voted on in an election in December (which the USA refused to recognize), while Twitter verified puppet Guaidó's coup "gov't" 

These Silicon Valley free speech overlords are tools of US imperialism"
I just had a Bill Gates computer crash - it is such a splendid idea to let him own all the farm land and control everybody's health! -  and lost my most recent links, so that's it for now.
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