Sunday, January 03, 2021


"Did UK’s Secret Libya Policy Contribute to Manchester Terror?" (Oborne).  It is a few steps worse than 'blowback', which are actions taken by those with an anger arising as a result of foreign entanglements.  The British government actually arranged and paid for the 'radicalization', and they knew exactly what they were doing.  They don't mind the outcome as domestic terrorist attacks only increase their power, so we can actively consider whether the terrorism was anticipated and intended, or whether they are just negligent/incompetent.  An attack against Britain with the connivance of part of the British government is really just another variation on a false flag.

Tweet (George Galloway):

"There’s NOTHING “left-wing” about mass immigration. Not for the countries losing their best and brightest nor for the workers already here. It’s a confusion of liberalism with real labourism to believe otherwise. “Free movement” of cheap labour is a big business bonanza. #Brexit"

"GTA Appointment of Mike Harris to Order of Ontario sparks anger" (Powell).  I have to wonder whether Ford wants to be reelected.  Honoring this walking piece of shit would be inappropriate at any time, but now?

"Who and Why Exposes Civilian Planes to Air Defense Attacks?" (Kulikov).  (((Who))) indeed.

"Fingers Point to US-Backed Gov’t in Colombia’s Ninetieth Massacre of the Year" (MacLeod).  Colombia had managed to slowly pull itself out of being the world's ultimate shithole, and has just fallen back in.  Also:  "Washington’s favorite Venezuelan opposition leader exposes links to Colombian death squads and narco networks" (Norton).

"Three Lessons From the World’s Biggest Worker Uprising" (Azad).

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