Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Melatonin, melanin and malarkey

Corrupt Assholian military procurement has meant the country is well behind both Russia and China in technology, hence the need for an accelerated catch-up program, the tests for which some civilians will see, so it's 'UFOs':  "CIA Releases "Black Vault" UFO Files" (Durden).

Tweet (Michael Tracey) (AOC jumped the shark in the last few days):

"The alleged "trauma" experienced by members of Congress from this event is currently being cited to justify unprecedented censorship measures and punitive, speech-stifling policy action. If you take their political rhetoric strategy at uncritical face value, you are a dupe"

How many times can the Khazars keep 'surprising' us with their cruelty, racism, and hatred?  "Covid-19 under Apartheid: How Israel Manipulates Suffering of Palestinians  " (Baroud).  "Report: COVID-19 Vaccines and Israel’s Obligations as an Occupying Power"

The Rothschilds sold this Zionist tool to Schwarzman:  "Palestinian activist wins legal battle to have name removed from World-Check ‘terror list" (Uddin).

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald) (also) (same stunt):
"This rubbish from @politico says Andrei Illarionov's comments "raise the specter of Russian attempts to sow chaos and doubt in the legitimacy of US elections." Illarionov is a fierce Putin opponent who has worked as a lobbyist for the Charles Koch-founded CATO for 14 years."
Tweet (Esfandyar Batmanghelidj):
"November 2020 observed exports of Iranian oil were 32% higher year-on-year, with nearly all sales going to China. 
However, China's declared imports of Iranian oil in November were down 15% year-on-year. 
China is buying much more Iranian oil, but isn't flaunting it. #OOTT"
"Greenwald: How Silicon Valley, In A Show of Monopolistic Force, Destroyed Parler" (Greenwald).

"Wikipedia Locks Out Embarrassing Facts About Biden Nominee" (Sailer) (previously, and its comment).

"Democrats Launch Their Assault on Red State America" (Roberts).

"Sheldon Adelson, pro-Israel extremist who ‘crafted the course of nations,’ is dead" (Weiss).  Note the ascribing of the infamous 'one-issue' quote, by Haim Saban, to Adelson, as if they can make the quote disappear with Adelson's death.
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