Thursday, January 07, 2021


"The Day America Finally Fell Apart" (Anglin):

"Last night, after streaming for many hours, I said that the rushing of the Capitol was allowed to happen, so these media people could get their narrative and move forward with an agenda. Some people agreed, some disagreed. Whatever.

To be clear, I’ve denounced the claims by the Republican media that this was some kind of secret Antifa operation using crisis actors or whatever, and my specific point of contention is whether or not the police had the option of keeping people out of the Capitol.

But hey – you know, maybe it was just a weird, wacky coincidence that the day before this event, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser told law enforcement to stand down and literally wrote a letter to the Jewish acting AG telling him to remove federal cops from the area.

Jews are pretending to be confused about how this happened."

It is a classic move - JFK assassination, 9/11 - to remove the guardians from the scene of an intended conspiracy. 

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