Wednesday, January 06, 2021

More clarity

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):

"One positive outcome of the Dems controlling the WH and both houses of Congress is it will provide a lot more clarity about who they really are. 

They'll use excuses like they did from 2008-2010 -- Manchin will be the new Lieberman, etc. -- but the light will still be bright." 
Just watch - there may be some uncomfortable moments, but they will certainly manage not to do any of the things the people who voted for them are counting on.  Joe Manchin is essentially now the leader of Assholia.

I think we must assume that the same corrupt political machine Stacey Abrams installed in Georgia - you know, the one the (((media))) is describing as a miracle of political organizing - the machine responsible for the votes found for Biden, is also in play here.  Despite recent (((poll))) results (and you need to control the (((polls))) if you are going to cheat), never forget how much of a longshot these wins were separately thought to be, not to mention both of them!

The Georgia races both appear to be very tight, making it likely that ol' Mitch cost himself his political future on that $1200 Koch didn't want the poors to have.

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