Saturday, January 30, 2021

Much-needed yacht repairs

"Who is Alexei Navalny? Behind the myth of the West’s favorite Russian opposition figure" (Kurmelovs/Kazbek).  The actual nature of the lackeys who are selected by Assholia to serve as figureheads for warmongering is of no interest to the Empire or its cheerleaders.

"Amnesty International: Navalny a Prisoner of Conscience. But not Manning, Assange or Mandela" (MacLeod).  Amnesty is one of the longest operating political grifts.  Remember 'prisoners of conscience', including that monster Natan Sharansky?  Back in the day their trick was to focus on schoolchildren, who wanted to be helpful without knowing how they were being abused for Empire.

"The Fatuous Uproar About Robinhood and GameStop" (Smith).  Surprisingly (or not) terrible, seemingly missing all the interesting issues on purpose.  Much better:  "Economy verges on collapse after Redditors’ profits go toward medical bills and student loans rather than much-needed yacht repairs."

Tweet (David Dayen):

"psst... there shouldn't be any hedge funds, they were an accident of history. We should close the loophole in the 1940 Investment Company & Investment Advisors Acts, thereby mandating disclosure, altering fee structures, & eliminating the use of leverage"

We're past the point of the surprise of the Redditors, and the (((media))) is now bullshitting the issue full time, covering up for the hedge funds and assorted other crooks.  

"Report of Janet Yellen's Speaking Fees Draws Criticism: 'How Much Should Women Make?'" (Fearnow) (great name).  Identity politics covering one of the most outrageous examples of pure corruption I have ever seen.  It must have taken all their intellectual and moral strength to stifle a mention of the Holocaust, though they were perhaps avoiding emphasizing Biden's Khabinet.

"Finance Capitalism vs. Industrial Capitalism" (Hudson):

"One must conclude that America has chosen to no longer industrialize, but to finance its economy by economic rent – monopoly rent, from information technology, banking and speculation, and leave industry, research and development to other countries. Even if China and other Asian countries didn’t exist, there is no way that America can regain its export markets or even its internal market with its current debt overhead and its privatized and financialized education, health care, transportation and other basic infrastructure.

The underlying problem is not competition from China, but neoliberal financialization. Finance-capitalism is not industrial capitalism. It is a lapse back into debt peonage and a rentier neo-feudalism. Bankers play the role today that landlords played up through the 19th century, making fortunes without corresponding value, by capital gains for real estate, stocks and bonds on credit, by debt leveraging whose carrying charges increase the economy’s cost of living and doing business."

There is absolutely no political will to begin to fix this.  The Empire will thus have to blame its own deep problems on things the Chinese do, with disastrous results.

"Joe Biden: ‘New policy on Syria is a poisoned chalice’ – Peter Ford" (beeley).

"Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith gets probation after making a false statement in the FISA surveillance warrant process" (Willmann).  $100 fine!  Does lying to a court interest the bar association?

"More than FIFTY Orthodox Jewish weddings with up to 300 guests have been illegally held in London during third lockdown, investigation claims" (Duell).  The scofflaws continue (there are similar problems in Israel itself, though Israeli officials can, and do, act with more violence).

"Increasingly Bold Israel Begins Building Settlements In Downtown Albuquerque" (The Onion).
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