Sunday, January 24, 2021

Not so fun when they come for you

Long, irrelevant thread on the firing of Lauren Wolfe by the JYT.  I have to assume this tweet was their excuse, and they really wanted to get rid of her for some other reason, as this kind of Dem stanning is almost a job prerequisite at the JYT. 

They are actually blaming Greenwald for this, as if the JYT would listen to Greenwald!

Suddenly ironic tweet by the firee.

Tweet (Miss Jo):

"The Left wing media and journalists have encouraged, promoted and begged for cancel culture where people can get harassed and fired for their words. 

Now a Biden supporting journalist is fired for hers and she is having a meltdown. 
They made this bed..."
Tweet (Michael Tracey):
"I'll defend her. NYT journalists should be able to publicly express their emotional exuberance over Democratic politicians and hatred of Republicans... feelings everyone already knows they harbor anyway"

I'm deeply sorry I wasted all these words on 'journalism' inside-baseball shit.
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