Sunday, January 17, 2021

Okay. That was quick.

"Trump may be on trial, but the system that produced him will be acquitted" (Cook):

"All this is not just the latest sign that the US political system has degenerated into tawdry theatre. It is growing evidence that US politics is devolving into a permanent confrontation between two authoritarian tribes. Both are convinced that the other side is un-American, perverting the true republic. Both are unwilling to compromise, believing they share no common ground. And ultimately both are fighting for a rotten cause."

"For this tribe, Trump was an illegitimate president from the outset, one whose election to the highest office in the land revealed something unwholesome about their country they preferred to avert their gaze from because it might implicate them too. Removing Trump largely eclipsed the struggle to improve the lives of ordinary Americans.

The obsession with Trump above everything else seemingly rationalised any means – fair or foul – to be rid of him. Few thought about how this would look to his supporters or to those not already safely ensconced in one or other tribe.

Had they wished to understand, they needed only look to the storming of the Capitol last week. How they felt watching the building being ransacked – a Deplorable putting his feet up contemptuously on Pelosi’s desk – was how Trump’s tribe felt watching their president being denounced as a Russian agent and dragged through impeachment proceedings."
"There is a way out of the dead-end culture war that pits one tribe against the other. It is to formulate an alternative, popular politics based on class struggle – the 99 percent against the 1 percent. But neither the Republican nor the Democratic leaderships, nor the respective medias that cheerlead them, has any interest in encouraging a political realignment of this sort.

The Democratic party is not a vehicle for class struggle, after all. Like the Republican party, it is designed to preserve the privileges of an elite. Its biggest donors, like the Republican’s, are drawn from Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Big Pharma, the arms industries. The political battle in the United States is between two parties of capital united by far more than divides them.

The shadow play of US politics is the enervating, antagonistic confrontation of identities described above. While ordinary Americans get stoked into a mutual tribal loathing by a corporate media that profits from this theatre of hate, the elite enjoys a free hand to pillage the planet and the commons."
Tweet (Hans Mahncke):
"This is from the newly released Flynn 302s. 

Trump let bygones by bygones. In return, Team Hillary organized a coup."
"FBI is Now Saying Foreigners Might Have Planned the Capitol Storm" (Anglin):

There was no plan! There was no attack!

This is what happened:

  • In the days before 1/6, virtually all law enforcement was pulled from the Capitol
  • On 1/6, Donald Trump gave a speech which probably wasn’t legally incitement (though he will probably be convicted of it anyway) that implied people should go to the Capitol, and maybe get a little bit rowdy
  • People went to the Capitol, and got a bit rowdy
  • The cops pulled back, and actually, literally opened the doors of the Capitol building and let people walk in
  • People walked in and mulled around a little bit, mostly taking selfies
  • Some of them were yelling
  • Some guy violated a podium
  • Some guy sat at Nancy Pelosi’s desk and took selfies
  • People just kind of filed out of the building, in an orderly way

Things that did not happen:

  • An attack
  • Any kind of plan at all

The only people who had a plan were the people who pulled the law enforcement from the Capitol the day before the event, and whoever ordered the cops to stand down and open the doors.

Everyone knows this. It’s all very clear, on innumerable videos. They are raiding everyone, and they have yet to come up with any information that counters any of this.

Anyone who claims differently than any of this is lying to you, for a purpose.

The purposes of lying about this are legion:

  • There is a massive shut down of free speech on the internet (including closing and seizing bank accounts)
  • There is a lunatic new military police state is being brought in
  • Donald Trump is being impeached again
  • All supporters of Donald Trump are being framed as terrorists
  • There is a plan to create new legal classifications for fake “fake news” and “domestic terrorism” in order to completely shut down the First Amendment
  • To try to clamp down on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (USE MONERO)
  • Create a mandate for Joe Biden to “unify the country in the wake of unprecedented violence against our democracy” (Biden previously had no mandate beyond “I’m a nice person and Donald Trump is a mean person”)
  • Destroy any future for a post-Trump MAGA platform by associating it with violence and terrorism
  • And apparently, based on the above article, to link MAGA to Russia, Iran and China
  • etc.


None of it is even slightly ambiguous, based directly on the information that we are getting from the government and the media – and of course, the video footage itself.

You people need to figure out what is going on and you need to figure it out quickly, because this is dropping like an ACME anvil."
"FT: Even Richard Spencer Thinks The Right Has Gone Too Far" ('Hunter Wallace') (remember, this guy is a 'white nationalist', though he sounds like the sanest guy in the room, and he is describing the possible 'common ground' that doesn't seem to exist in Assholia);
"Originally, we had been attracted to MAGA and rightwing populism because it had seemed like a breath of fresh air at the time. The Donald Trump that we supported in 2015 and 2016 was the man on the stump who was going to build the wall and deport illegal aliens, who was going to get rid of our terrible trade deals, who thought the Iraq War was a huge mistake, who was running on a trillion dollar infrastructure program, who said things that were true but politically incorrect and who was self financing his campaign in order to be free of the corrupting influence of the Republican donor class. More than anything else, we backed Trump though because we hated mainstream conservatism and we saw him as a bulldozer who could demolish those people and open up our politics. He could “move the Overton Window.” 

We saw Donald Trump only as a vehicle for what came to be called “Trumpism” which are policy preferences that a variety of insurgent candidates – most famously, Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot and Ron Paul – had championed over the course of the previous thirty years:

  • Change our trade policies to end globalization and foster investment and job creation in America to develop our economy for American workers.
  • Rollback the American Empire and put an end to these endless wars in the Middle East that have cost us so much and which we don’t understand anymore.
  • Tighten up and enforce our immigration laws because we have had too much immigration for too long and because it is too destabilizing.
  • End the yoke of political correctness which is a tyranny bitterly resented by the vast majority of Americans who are forced to walk on eggshells.
  • Rebuild the infrastructure of this country which is falling apart.
  • Stop being the body servant or water boy of billionaires who have been buying our elections and corrupting our politics.

This was the mandate.

None of these things are particularly controversial. The idea that this agenda amounts to “fascism” is ludicrous. Over half the things on this list have been supported by Bernie Sanders. If Trump had governed on the basis of his populist mandate, he would have been reelected in a landslide.

The toxic side of rightwing populism is largely what we got instead:

  • MIGA.
  • Performance art politics/Political theater.
  • Donald Trump’s nepotism which empowered Jared Kushner and Ivanka which we had not anticipated in 2016.
  • Donald Trump’s personality cult which ultimately overwhelmed and overshadowed his policy agenda. MAGA became all about him rather than pushing an agenda.
  • Trump the plutocrat and Wall Street cheerleader.
  • QAnon, “Trust the Plan” and conspiratards.
  • Cynical race baiting and fear mongering to wind up and manipulate voters.
  • The rejection of expertise above all else with COVID-19.
  • Laziness and incompetence.
  • Legions of grifters who became Trump influencers.
  • A policy agenda that was sold to the donor class.
  • Blowback which swelled the legions of our enemies, destroyed our online platforms and real world monuments.
  • The absolute utter narcissism and disloyalty of Trump.
  • A man who endorsed all his enemies and destroyed all his allies. He destroyed Jeff Sessions and wiped out the immigration hawks. Charlie Kirk became the public face of Trumpism.
  • A man who lifted up almost no one in American politics who shares his views or at least what he said in 2016 but who surrounded himself with mediocrities skilled at flattery.

Who imagined in 2016 that we were voting for a guy who was going to bring the neocons back to power and have Mike Pompeo as his Secretary of State? Who was going to run on the Platinum Plan?

The final denouement of the Trump era – Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and Rudy Giuliani hawking conspiracy theories, the “Stop the Steal” grift and the fraud narrative, “Unleash the Kraken,” the “Storm Is Coming” and the Capitol Siege and impeachment – revealed the con it had been all along. Trumpism had moved away from populism and devolved into a personality cult for grifters, chumps and conspiratards led by an incompetent narcissist who used them as pawns only to disavow and discard them.

Imagine where Donald Trump and MAGA would be today if he had actually gone down the Alt-Right road in 2017. Suppose he had done some of the things that we wanted from him instead of wooing Mitch McConnell, passing the Paul Ryan agenda and nurturing the QAnon grift. Withdrawing troops from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Passing a major infrastructure bill. Deporting illegal aliens. Busting up political correctness. Pressuring Senate Republicans to pass the $2,000 stimulus checks. Would the Democrats now control the White House and Congress? Would rightwing populism be in this bad of shape? There were worse things in this world than catering to the mostly reasonable Alt-Right agenda."
"Progressive pundit Jimmy Dore helping ‘FASCISM’ by calling for Julian Assange pardon, liberal commentators claim".  "Pelosi Removes Katie Porter… Bringing Joy & Gratitude To Every Crooked Bankster On Wall Street" (Smith) (also).  "Pelosi Puts Swalwell Back On Homeland Security Committee Despite Chinese Spy 'Entanglement'" (Durden).  "Stop Biden’s Neocon Nominee To The State Department" (Carden).  Tweet (!) (David Dayen) (also):
"The Prospect and The Intercept have learned that Renata Hesse, a former Obama Justice Department official who then went on to work for Google and Amazon, is a leading contender to head up the DoJ Antitrust Division."
Tweet (Gianni, DDS):
""protests turn violent""
"America 2.0: After the Election" (Medvedev).

Didn't take long for the UFOs to show up!:  "UFO In Cape Hatteras? Viral Video Sparks Debate Of Mysterious Flying Object" (Durden).

It's a dangerous job, running the world ('heart attack', goyim, and all the headlines stress it):  "Billionaire Benjamin de Rothschild Dies At 57" (Durden).
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