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It is instructive to contrast the mythological 'interference' of Russia in Assholian politics with the actual interference of Assholia in Russian politics:  ""Gross Interference": Russia Livid That US Embassy Posted Times & Locations Of Navalny Protests" (Durden).

The (((media))) is also greatly exaggerating the size of the protests.  They weren't nothing, but they also weren't substantial.  There were a lot of convenient camera angles with accompanying statements about how large the crowds were.  Bryan MacDonald thread on the numbers (Saint Petersburg was biggish, but not in comparison to the size of the city).  MacDonald's tweets cover violence from both sides.

There were probably Assholian assets serving as agents provocateurs.

Thread by Terrell Jermaine Starr on Navalny.  I am always going to be amazed at the sheer randomness about who is going to be picked as the next Imperial tool.

From 'Nalvany' to 'Guido', it is difficult to keep the names of the lackeys straight, but it indicates how little the Assholian functionaries actually care about their assets.  Were I to give them more credit, it may be that they make these errors as a way of signaling to the lackeys just how unimportant to the Empire they really are, so they better keep performing.

"Was This Fakenews An Attempt To Get Khamenei Banned From Twitter?" (Moon) (Cole).  The tweet was so far out of Khamenei's usual careful style that it should have drawn some skepticism.  Note the amount of (((work))) put into this operation.

The orders are arriving!:  "Netanyahu to dispatch Mossad chief to meet Biden & outline Israel’s demands for Iran nuclear deal overhaul".

Trump was protecting MbS from the wrath of the CIA.  Those days are over.  "Biden Expected To Soon Release CIA Report On Who Killed Khashoggi, Will 'Embarrass' MbS" (Durden).

"Deir Ezzor is a Sign of Things to Come" (The Ister):

"The governorate of Deir Ezzor in northeastern Syria splits evenly across the Euphrates River, and is the site of an emerging fault line between the Empire and Resistance Axis. On the West bank of the Euphrates, Bashar al-Assad’s government rules, while the East is occupied by Kurdish and American forces. Unable to achieve complete regime change, the Empire has shifted gears and now is waging a war primarily based on starvation. Limiting the flow of food and energy in the country may not even succeed in directly impeding military operations, but it can effectively turn Syria into a third world country by grinding civilian life to a halt and starving the population.

Syria’s occupied northeast produces 60% of the country’s wheat and 95% of the country’s oil: 400,000 barrels per day of oil production has been lost due to the Kurdish invasion. The formerly oil-rich nation now pumps a mere 20,000 bpd and relies on Iranian tankers to import energy. These tankers are increasingly intercepted by Western powers as part of this war of starvation. Additionally, in the last two years five separate sanctions bills have been passed in Washington, targeting the country’s oil and grain trade.

Energy is not just needed for the tanks and planes of Assad’s military, it is required to power the factories, agricultural operations, businesses, and homes of the Syrian people. Strangling the flow of energy and food into Syria has created spillover effects that have crippled the nation’s economy. With no power for tractors to cultivate wheat or trucks to ship food, the remaining agricultural resources have become severely underutilized and the nation is at risk of famine.

This is nothing new. Just recall what US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said when confronted with the fact that over half a million Iraqi children had died of starvation due to sanctions:

We think the price is worth it"

"Twitter rejected pleas to remove child porn from platform because it didn’t ‘violate policies,’ lawsuit claims".  "Twitter locks account of China's U.S. embassy over its defense of Xinjiang policy" (Goh) ('violated its stand against “dehumanizing” people.').  "Amid anti-AMLO social media purge, Twitter’s top Latin America lobbyist exposed as right-wing operative" (Norton).

"Biden to Retain Trump Envoy Who Tried to Guaido Himself into Power in Afghanistan" (Rubinstein).

Tweet (Matt Taibbi):

"This City Journal article looks back at the incredible devotion of the New York Times to one story:"

"Slouching Toward Post-Journalism" (Gurri, "a former CIA analyst"):

"Yet what looked like journalistic failure was, in fact, an astonishing post-journalistic success. The intent of post-journalism was never to represent reality or inform the public but to arouse enough political fervor in readers that they wished to enter the paywall in support of the cause. This was ideology by the numbers—and the numbers were striking. Digital subscriptions to the New York Times, which had been stagnant, nearly doubled in the first year of Trump’s presidency. By August 2020, the paper had 6 million digital subscribers—six times the number on Election Day 2016 and the most in the world for any newspaper. The Russian collusion story, though refuted objectively, had been validated subjectively, by the growth in the congregation of the paying faithful."

Tweet (Scott Ritter):

"All it took was 48 hours, and Trump is looking better already. More troops to Iraq, regime change in Syria, and an expansion of NATO that knowingly triggers conflict with Russia. Biden has been, is, and will always be a warmonger. Enjoy the ride, America!"

Tweet (Ian Goodrum):

"It's been one year since the lockdowns in Wuhan began, and one year since US media was trying to convince you it was bad because China was doing it."

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Meanwhile, the militarization of Washington continues, with 7000 troops set to remain in the city until mid-March, making mass protest virtually impossible on the grounds of protecting Biden-Harris from American extremists. 

Mayor Muriel Bowser calls it “the new normal.”"
Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Last year, billionaire-funded @propublica ran a smear piece painting Larry King as a Chinese asset that included an evidence free non sequitur implying I am a CPC-Russian double agent. 
Larry’s gone now and this is the McCarthyite trash we’re left with."
"The Pentagon Speaks" (Hornberger).  Figureheads change, but the national-security state running everything is a constant.

"Jeff Bezos's Amazon Demands Its Mail-In Unionization Vote be Canceled Because COVID "Outbreak" Isn't So Bad" (Sailer).
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