Saturday, January 23, 2021

Post-Trump populism

"The Echo Chamber Era" (Taibbi).  You're actually telling me that as much as 46% of Assholes trust 'journalists' and the (((media))) not to lie, constantly?  Well, there's your problem right there!

"The Cool Kids Are Back In Town!" (purple).  To show how bad it was, Trump didn't even have a Peloton!

"If You Miss Donald Trump, You'll Love Joe Biden" (Rall).  The (((media)))'s consistent complete whitewashing of Biden's entire career is quite something to see, even for professional liars.

"Biden administration to review US-Taliban deal".  Here we go again!

"Battle Lines Drawn on Ending Yemen War" (Erlich).  There are hints that the Harris Administration may pick Yemen as the War For The Jews to lay off on, just so they can go all in on WWIII.  Yemen is too geographically isolated to be a proper intro to a World War.

"Russiagate Ain’t Over" (Lauria).

"Why Donald Trump Had to Go" (Koenig).  Not a Davos Man.

An army of psychopaths to build a psychopath country:  "Foot soldiers of the colonizer state" (Murphy).

Tweet (Michael Tracey):

"Read these paragraphs in which the former acting Defense Secretary calls the entire department "rotten" because a Deep State is hiding its functions from civilian leadership"

"Comply or Die" (Audacious Epigone).

"AOC Tells CNN She Skipped Inauguration As She Doesn't "Feel Safe" Near GOP Members" (Durden).  At least we're getting to see the real AOC.  It is pretty bad when you make Cuomo sound like the sane one.

Tweet (Asa Winstanley):
"A few people on Twitter yesterday defended Labour's actions in hiring a former Israeli spy along the lines of: "he's not a spy! He put it on social media!" 
To those people I would ask what he's hiding by now scrubbing this from the social media. (Before and after below)"
A similar situation in Trump's version of Assholia - Q or E?  Cohen-Watnick was the Teflon Man of the Trump Administration.

Greenwald and Blumenthal on the most recent outrageous Facebook censoring, which is starting to hit the class war issue right on the nose.

Tweet (Savvy & Realistic Democrat):
"Post-Trump Populism Has More Room To Grow" ('Hunter Wallace') (also) (income redistribution and an end to the Trannycaust, a winning formula!):
"We need a Huey Long 2.0 to step up to the plate and run against Neoliberal Joe. 

By “Drain the Swamp,” we now mean draining the billionaires of the overwhelming majority of their money. Confiscate their wealth, give that shit away and impose a wealth cap on them. No one should be able to spend $900 million dollars on a vanity presidential campaign. The problem is this concentration of cultural, economic and political power. The job of the next president is to break that up. 
Some people will object that giving away the wealth of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Bloomberg is anti-Semitic because of the disparate impact of redistributing the wealth of America’s billionaires. Forcing these people to live off only $50 million is the equivalent of Auschwitz. I think promoting the idea of a wealth cap will be a lot funnier than gas chambers memes. Just as Neoliberal Joe has what he calls “racial equality,” the Share Our Wealth program is the populist version of “equity.”"
"Google Threatens Shut Down In Australia Over Bill Designed To Better Compensate Content Providers" (Durden). This is a bluff by Google, a particularly arrogant one, and Australia should call them on it. A successful post-Google country would be a model for the world.  Canada is talking about this same issue.

Right out of 1984 and the totalitarian states which inspired it:  "The Enthronement of False Dimitry, and What Will Happen Next" (Karganovic).
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