Monday, January 11, 2021


Tweet (Pamela Colloff): 

"I did not fully grasp what was happening in this footage when I first saw it. Now it seems clear that this officer tricked the mob away from the unguarded door to the Senate, using himself—a Black man—as the bait. He is a national hero. And lucky to be alive."

Note how cinematic this whole first scene is. Lone black guy faces the mob of white, angry, irrational, violent, and racist 'deplorables'. He can't defend himself or stop the mob, all he can do is lead them along.  The staging is perfect, his personal cameraman tracking him up the stairs, each shot showing the lone black man on this glorious staircase with the threatening mob advancing relentlessly below.  

The Khazars invented tropes for their Hollywood productions, one of which is "Black Dude Dies First", part of Redshirt.  The aliens are advancing on the spaceship, so the white guys in charge send the sole black actor out, woefully under armed, who is almost immediately gruesomely killed, and, the peril having been established, the rest of the movie continues with all white actors.  That is pretty much what we see here.

I feel sorry for the guy (at some point he must have assumed he'd probably be going home in a body bag), but making him out to have saved the lives of the politicians by leading them away only works if he hadn't just led them right to the door.  It was just luck - or more likely agents provocateurs in the front of the crowd - that caused them to turn away from that door.
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