Friday, January 22, 2021


"Donald Trump: Another False Messiah?" (Barrett).  From Zevi to Trump!

There is quite a bit of Killary in President Harris, requiring some sanitization:  "The Washington Post Memory-Holed Kamala Harris' Bad Joke About Inmates Begging for Food and Water" (Boehm).

Funny that the only guy they can't find is also the only terrorist:  tweet (FBI Washington Field):

"#ICYMI: @ATFWashington and #FBIWFO increased the reward to up to $75,000 for information about the person(s) responsible for placing suspected pipe bombs in Washington, D.C., on January 6. Call 1-800-CALL-FBI with info or submit to"

"Anger grows within Labour over role of ex-Israeli military intelligence official" (Cobain/Rickett/Masarwa/Hooper).  A classic example of the problem of how you walk something back when you've already spent the shekels. At least every member of the Labour Party can now rest easy knowing that all their details are in a big file in Tel Aviv.  Now if you forget a password you can just retrieve it from the Mossad.

"We're Back Baby! Bomb'n Biden says "Come on Man" We're Off to War....... by Fred".  Even I am shocked by the speed and shamelessness.  It is going to be a rocky 4 years (if Assholia lasts that long).

"America's Real Unemployment Crisis" (Viable Opposition).  I think the real miracle is that, from reading the (((media))), you'd only get the vaguest notion that there was any kind of problem.

"The Making of US Empire at the Dawning of Its End" (Escobar) (Lindbergh didn't stand a chance) (comment on the missing piece of the analysis by sarz):
"Wertheim details the fascinating, evolving intellectual skirmishes along the first eight months of WWII, when the prevailing consensus among the planners was to concentrate on the Western Hemisphere only, and not indulge in “balance of power” overseas adventures. As in let the Europeans fight it out; meanwhile, we profit.

The fall of France in May-June 1940 – the world’s top army melting down in five weeks – was the game-changer, much more than Pearl Harbor 18 months later. This is how the planners interpreted it: if Britain were the next domino to fall, totalitarianism would control Eurasia.

Wertheim zeroes in on the defining “threat” for the planners: Axis dominance would prevent the United States “from driving world history. Such a threat proved unacceptable to U.S. elites”. That’s what led to an expanded definition of national security: the U.S. could not afford to be simply “isolated” within the Western Hemisphere. The path ahead was inevitable: to shape world order as the supreme military power.

So it was the prospect of a Nazi-shaped world order – and not U.S. security – that shook foreign policy elites in the summer of 1940 to build the intellectual foundations of global U.S. hegemony."
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