Saturday, January 02, 2021

Setting the stage

"How West, Central and South Asia are interconnecting" (Escobar). Turkey-Iran-Pakistan.  More huge arrangements without reference to, or permission from, the Empire.

Tweets by Greenwald on the bizarre identity-politics deflection from (((Yellen)))'s blatant corruption.  At least they haven't yet brought up the Holocaust.

"The Trump Admin Is Setting The Stage For A Biden Surveillance State" (Broze).  President to President is the relay race to the bottom.

The timing shows exquisite disdain for the people of the province:  tweet (Neil Before Zod™):

"Mike Harris left office in a fog of coroner and public inquests. People died because of Mike Harris. There is no hyperbole in that statement. There was an ingrained cruelty in the “Common Sense Revolution" and an ideological hatred of the poor and of students. #onpoli #cdnpoli"

"FBI: Another Fraud on the Court?" (McGovern).  Seth Rich and the background of Russiagate, all neatly sealed up from public view by the FBI.  I wonder who is funding the Seth Rich family litigation.

"Ukrainian nationalists and neo-Nazis stage torchlight march in Kiev to mark Nazi collaborator’s birthday (VIDEO)".
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