Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Share Our Wealth Proposal

"Biden’s Key Role in the Crime of the Century: The 2003 U.S. Invasion of Iraq" (Kuzmarov).  Talk about Teflon!  Biden's played a big role, usually a necessary role, in getting bipartisan approval for various outrages, for almost fifty years, and is almost never called out on it.  One of the most striking is his pivotal part in the setting up the very things that BLM protests about, yet blacks overwhelmingly voted for him and conducted the vote fraud required for such a lousy candidate to be able to claim victory.  Amazing!

Tweet (Yasha Levine):

"Like I keep saying, the respectable opposition to Trump is just as paranoid and nativist as he and his supporters are — they just operate in a different market and demographics."

"Joe Biden’s "Juban" and other weaponized immigrants" (Levine).  Scroll down for the Blumenthal tweet on the Blinken-Maxwell connection.

Konst.  Bernie is going to find it difficult to hide his usual role as turd polisher and enabler in the current Senate configuration.

A change in belief system:  "America’s First Revolution Is Happening Now" (Roberts).

"Tucker Carlson Brings Up Huey Long" ('Hunter Wallace').  Scroll down for the Share Our Wealth Proposal, which would look good today, with some of the numbers updated.  You can see why they had to kill him.

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