Thursday, January 21, 2021

Sholom Sholam

Tweet (Tony Hovater):

"Trump's first pardon Sholom Rubashkin.

Trump's last pardon was Sholam Weiss.

Really make you think." 

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"In his inauguration speech, Joe Biden didn't mention a single policy or concrete thing his government will do for people. It was just a bunch of vapid feel-good platitudes about "unity," civility, rebranding the empire as a benevolent force, and, well, making America great again."
"Joe Biden Signs 17 Executive Orders and Directives" ('Hunter Wallace').  Performance art.  The key will be what people think when they realize Joe isn't going to do any of the important things they thought he would (to be fair, he tamped down expectations at every possible opportunity, but people don't want to hear that, and so don't).

"Joe Biden, welfare king" (Cooper).  The scourge of means testing.

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"The latest in hysterical fear mongering is that Russia or China are going to hack Biden’s Peloton bike. @nytimes has a whole article about it. Maybe Hillary Clinton can lead a 9/11-style commission into “exercise security”?"
"Which nation will US Democrats try to destroy in the next 4 years?" (Mazaheri).  China is the safety school of Khazar targets.  (((They))) will take a war on China if they have to, as any insane Assholian militarism is 'Good for the Jews', but what (((they)))) really want is WWIII on Russia, to remove Putin.  (((They))) may use a War For The Jews on Iran as their back-door to WWIII against Russia, to be mainly fought in Europe ((((they))) all despise Europe, and want to see it turned into a nuclear wasteland, making the bribed Euro-trash kid-gloves approach to Israeli genocide even more hilarious).

Thread by Dan Kervick on Maga kooks and Resistance counter-kooks.

"Ironic" (Robinson).

Biden version Q (Added:  link has died, but it was a 4chan rant, probably from /pol).  QAnon wrecked MAGA as it induced passivity in the frogs, telling them to wait for the 'plan' and not challenge anything Trump did, so the rational approach is to consider it as a psych op, almost certainly by the Swamp.

The real Navalny thread by katya.  I don't ever remember Gessen being quite this stupid:  "Alexey Navalny’s Fearless Return to Russia".  The 'Novichok' was the standard Russian middle-aged male lunch of two bottles of vodka (with a cocktail of other drugs), which caused the coma due to his diabetes.  "Swedish Laboratory, Stockholm Court Confirm Alexei Navalny Prepared NATO Secrets, Adding Evidence for Treason Indictment in Russian Court" (Helmer).

"Wikipedia: The Overlooked Monopoly" (Olenick).  Doesn't even mention the extreme Zionist slant (to the extent I feel Wikipedia was set up to establish 'facts on the ground' to protect murder and land theft by Khazars, with the other stuff there to provide camouflage).  This sounds like a problem easily rectified by proper competition, so we have to wonder why nobody tries to set up an alternative with sensible editing procedures.

Although the (((social media))) censors ostensibly to combat 'hate', hate doesn't really bother them in the least:  "Twitter, Facebook And YouTube Allow Incendiary Anti-MAGA Video To Remain On Platforms" (Durden).

Same thing with 'feminism'.  The Dems could care less about the lives of women (or girls).  "Biden Abolishes Female Sports Champions" (Sailer).

"GM Human® — Bill Gates’ Plan For Our Future" (Hugus):
"The thread running through Bill Gates’ history is that this man isn’t interested in feeding the poor or helping humanity through improvements in medicine and public health. His field is making computers perform tasks through software programs. He sees people as computers to be programmed to meet human behavioral and eugenic goals which he and the global elite find desirable. The software engineer has become a world-scale social engineer, but continues to use his original model. We should keep in mind, however, that within the larger program (post-MS-DOS), Gates has never been acting alone.

The use of  technology to manipulate the human genome could open what Bill Joy, writing twenty years ago, called “Pandora’s boxes of genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics” which could irreversibly change what it means to be a human being.17 Even if its intentions were benevolent, science should know better than to meddle in something it knows so little about, including the human immune system. You can never change just one thing, as everything is connected.

But when it comes to the oligarchs now ruling much of the world, it is hard to escape a picture of not mistaken use of science but actually malevolent use of science, and excessive power reaching into madness. There are other examples of this in history, such as the development of nuclear weapons in the 1940s, but this time many diverse actors are using technology which could be even more harmful and difficult to control. No one should ever have been allowed to amass the power which people like Bill Gates hold, not to mention those who back him. Clearly and urgently, these people must be stopped."
"Israel Is Losing the Fight To Obscure Its Apartheid Character" (Cook).  This is a little weird, as it completely misses the trickery behind the 'apartheid' description, and asking B’Tselem to be anything other than it is, a blood-pouring-from-the-fangs land theft and genocide promotion operation, is ridiculous.  We're just seeing more farm animal manipulation.  It is exactly the same thing that Weiss does.  'Look, goyim, we've got everything under control, and are moving swiftly to the blessed 'two-state solution', so don't interfere and fuck everything up, OK?'

Pure Evil.  "Revealed: Israeli Settler Groups With Ties To the US Are Evicting Palestinians in Mass" (Buxbaum).

"15 Ways To Cope When You Don't Like The President" (The Babylon Bee).
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