Sunday, January 10, 2021


Tweet (cdrsalamander):

"Stasi with a side of grift." 

Tweet (shoe):

"they’re going to crack down hard on social media. probably do some weird patriot act 2.0 shit. i have a feeling that i’m going to wind up aligning with people i otherwise vehemently disagree with during this upcoming discourse & a lot of lefties will disagree with me. thats fine"

"Patriot Act 2, Censorship, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix" (Johnstone).  Getting legislatively ready for the anticipated domestic 'axis of resistance'.  Greenwald.

Tweet (Joe Catron):

"For the U.S. “left”: this is how it actually looks when the rich seize direct control of a political system. 

You’re welcome."

Tweet (P KELLY):

"Slow handclap for the morons applauding TECH GIANTS holding so much unaccountable power. A THREAD on what you are backing"

"Big Tech giants want to prove they are ‘American gods’. Anyone watching the watchers?" (Furedi).

"Trump’s blanket ban from social media proves the information war is over" (Buyniski).

Tweet (Carl Zha) (Russia has already anticipated the problem as well):

"India Twitter grudgingly admit China is right all along to ban Facebook/Twitter/YouTube and build its own US independent social media platform." 

"Masterclass From the Citadel of Democracy: “How to Deal With Those Involved in Mass Disorder”" (Kolyasnikov).  The perverts and degenerates we know as politicians know how bad they are, and live in fear of just retribution, surrounded by a bubble of security, so a breach of such security is their worst nightmare, thus the level of vindictiveness.

"The American Empire has fallen, though Washington may not know it yet"  (Malic) (see) (also):
"This unwitting admission of ‘American exceptionalism’ basically says it’s fine for US-backed activists to storm parliaments in “regimes” that Washington dislikes and wants to change, but when Americans rebel against their own government they believe is acting illegitimately, that’s beyond the pale."
"Amazon Boots Parler Off AWS; Site To Go Dark Sunday" (Durden).

"ABC News Calls For "Cleansing" Of Trump Supporters" (Jones).  So, for the 'deplorables', it may come down to cleanse or be cleansed, which may provide a sense of urgency.

"Josh Hawley's book on ‘tyranny’ cancelled — he is a ‘threat to democracy and freedom’: report" (Chapman).  This is for planning to take perfectly legal political steps that have been taken recently by Democrats.  This should be very good for Hawley's career.

"You can’t fight fascism by expanding the police state" (Greer).

Appalling strawman tone-deaf comic from the supposedly 'smart' comic xkcd - can they possibly be that stupid?  Note the SJWs falling into line in the replies.

Tweet (Julie Kelly):
"Biden slurring his way thru speech condemning “insurrection.” 
4 years ago to this day, Obama/Biden FBI Director, with their blessing, lied to incoming president about a “pee tape” based on a BS dossier paid for by Clinton, DNC 
Don’t tell us “who we are"
The impeachment is supposed to extend beyond the inauguration, nominally to punish Trump and ensure he can't run again (as they fear losing to him), but really to suck up months to give them an excuse for failing to meet any promises.

Assholia is devolving at a remarkable rate into full fledged 'leftist' violent racist vindictive totalitarianism with almost no resistance, except for a few of the usual libertarian voices.  This tracks remarkably with the 'fascism' the 'left' is always complaining about, including the bizarre obsession with race characteristic of true fascism (with a slightly different spin, the new racism being that it does not matter what any 'deplorable' does, thinks or feels, as all white people are inherently racist just by being white, which is essentially the same as standard fascist master-race racism, just inverted).  The celebration of violence is also part of the same program.

There is the beginnings of a discussion about what the 'deplorables' can possibly do to at least give the slightly more sane Democrats a wake-up call to pull back from the abyss.  A truckers strike has been suggested, which would certainly cause the coasts to notice, but truckers aren't really in an economic position to so this.  I suppose trains and ports like New Orleans could be blocked.  Highways around the big industrial cities could be closed with debris on a stealth, rotating basis.  I don't know if full boycotts of the (((media)))/(((social media))) are going to be enough (though they can't hurt).  There is always a general strike (though it might be too 'commie' for the crackers).  Secession, a solution devoutly to be wished for the safety of the whole planet, is the ultimate possibility, but could not happen quickly enough.  These are inventive people, with considerable technical expertise at violence, so they may surprise us with something fun.  On the other hand, maybe they will choose to live under the heel of the elites and give up, as so many have already done.
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