Friday, January 01, 2021

The indefensible

""Pull My Finger" - (Afghan Edition)" (Moon).  Reminds me of the neocons taking the old illegal attack on IRAQ PR and changing the Q to an N.  Lazy warmongering.

"Canada’s Alliances prove the Country is an Imperialist Power" (Engler).  Canada is just a second vote for Assholia.  It also does diplomatic things for the Assholes that Assholia couldn't credibly do itself.  This will continue until the still surprisingly good Canadian international reputation is in tatters.

"The Kafkaesque Imprisonment of Julian Assange Exposes U.S. Myths About Freedom and Tyranny"  (Greenwald).  The hypocrisies surrounding the persecution of Assange.  This is the kind of issue on which Greenwald is the best.  Lotsa assholes, probably Assholes, in the comments.  Assange's sole 'crime' throughout has been lèse-majesté (particularly against the CIA and the Assholian war machine).  Some people are really, really disturbed by that.

The populism, even faux populism swirling around Trump makes McConnell very nervous:  "Why McConnell was ok with Trump losing" (Grim).  There was always a danger of the billionaires losing control of the party.

"Hunter Biden’s Guilty Laptop" (Van Buren).  Bank transfers.

"Stephen F. Cohen on Russia’s Democratization and How U.S. Meddling Undermines It" (Maté).  Interview with Cohen on progress in Russia.

"Don’t Go to Rome" (Armstrong).  Real Russia versus the Assholes' view of 'Russia'.

"The New “Legal Normal” Creates Dangerous Precedents" (Karganovic).  The disturbing legal doctrine of 'venue inappropriateness',  aka complementarity, based on a mythological idea that offenders can and will police themselves (which they almost never, in fact, do), a copout and excuse to use when pressure is applied.  "The International Criminal Court: Now Simply Indefensible" (Murray).  Strangely enough, these excuses never appear when the ICC is going after perceived enemies of Zionism.

"Netanyahu calls parents of settler teen killed in crash during police chase".  Election move, as this kind of violence is beloved in Israel.

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