Friday, January 08, 2021

The murder of populism

"America’s Color Revolution" (Roberts).

Tweet (Brian Stelter) (also):

"This just in: @SimonSchuster "has decided to cancel publication of Senator Josh Hawley’s forthcoming book, THE TYRANNY OF BIG TECH.""

"Get President Trump On" (Torba).

I don't believe Trump was a real populist, nor does Hawley intend to be, but the merest hint of somebody turning the Republican Party into a faux populist party sends a chill down the spines of the Establishment and Swamp, and we are seeing a concerted multi-layered effort to crush any possibility of faux populism, as it always contains the danger of turning into the real thing.

I couldn't help but wonder about the identity politics spin on the Capitol larpers.  We were immediately told that the cops were secret white supremacists, in on it with the Trump protestors (also all just white supremacists, which apparently is how populism will be described from now on), and that BLM would be shot dead had they tried such a stunt.  Take a look!  Tweet (Rex Chapman) (another mysteriously disappeared tweet! it's still here):
"You can’t make it up. 
It’s like they’re entering Disneyland. 
The POLICE. “Follow me, guys. Right this way.”"
This one is a black white supremacist, with his own camera man!:  "Man seen leading rioters up stairs inside US Capitol ID’d as Iowa resident" (Hendrickson and Nexstar Media Wire).

There are also stories about the police taking selfies with the protestors and otherwise giving encouragement and assistance.  Higher ups also consistently refused additional outside police or National Guard assistance.

You can see how this plays out.  Infiltrators amongst the MAGA protestors start spreading QAnon-style stories about The Plan, about how Trump will prevail and be reelected and pardon everybody, so there is no risk to entering the Capitol.  The police seem to be friendly, and, after putting up token resistance, assist everybody in getting in.  This isn't white supremacist solidarity, it's a trap!  These guys were guided in, all to provide the excuse for the Establishment to blame everything on Trump's breaking of the 'norms' of democracy (note the universal world-wide condemnation of Trump, as all these other countries fear the same populism), which is also rooted in their consistent outright denial, at all levels, that the election was stolen (which it clearly was).  Note how the small token Republican resistance to the electoral college votes completely collapsed once Trump was set up.
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