Sunday, January 17, 2021

This is war

"‘Democracy’ With Iron Fist. Washington Is in State of Siege as Inauguration Approaches" (South Front):

"At the same time, the Biden administration, having gained the power, is likely to announce its intention to protect democracy from the influence of the Republican “terrorists”, while continuing distorting any basic principles in its favor. American society is moving closer to the Orwellian system, where the declared functions and real actions of the government bodies completely contradict each other, and the society is governed by a brutal totalitarian system, the inhabitants are deprived of civil rights and individuality.

A new totalitarian regime is being actively imposed, leaving no room for preserving any traditional social values and principles of democracy. American democracy, which has been maiming for decades, became a relic of the past. The new era is coming and the whole world will have to deal with it."

A level of security suited to somebody who has just stolen an election. Very 90s, very South American.  Of course, the level of security is supposed to demonize the Trumpists as it is supposed to be a reflection of the level of threat posed by them.  I think it is working - it seems the protests, if any, will be at local statehouses, and will probably consist mostly of agents provocateurs.

"The Gray Curtain Descends, Part 2" (Gore):
"Nothing will be fair about the coming fight. It’s no use whining about the other side’s lack of principles, its lies, hypocrisy, unfairness, ruthlessness, and control of virtually every important institution. They’re evil totalitarians, what the hell do we expect? Their principle is absolute power and they’ll do whatever is necessary to acquire and keep it.

Ashli Babbitt’s death, if it is to mean anything at all, should be the cold slap of reality across the faces of those who haven’t grasped the nature of what we face. To ignore the risk that breaching an Imperial Sanctum would be met with violence was pure foolishness. The demonstrators who entered the Capitol could have been murdered en masse. Any expectation that their murderers would receive justice from the Corruptocracy would be delusional naiveté.

No more foolishness or naiveté. Any supposedly peaceful protest will be infiltrated by agent provocateurs bent on making trouble for our cause (including the protests being advertised for next week). The totalitarians will do what they do until they’re completely defeated. This is war, which calls for the unremitting exercise of cold, ruthless rationality. We will administer justice and show mercy when appropriate, but we will expect or receive neither from the other side.

Let’s get on with it."
"Information War Dethrones US President" (Danilov):
"Social media and digital tools used in information warfare have proven to be a destructive force comparable to nuclear weapons since under certain circumstances, they can be used not only to influence outcomes of important elections in various nations but to also help win different political battles.

Clearly, social networking sites have long been employed as political tools and the United States appears to have mastered their use in this manner. In addition, they have been employed by presidential candidates to win elections and to encourage color revolutions all over the world. Facebook, Youtube and Google dominate the online world and their leadership do not seem to care where in the world accounts are suspended as long as they continue to comply with the wishes of investors and sponsors.

Such wars can be initiated and waged yet again in any country and not only using tools employed in color revolutions. Hence, it is important to ensure the use of digital tools for waging information warfare is regulated at a supranational level in order to prevent certain political forces in the West from employing them in their own interests in other countries."
"Impeachment is more dangerous than Trump" (Tracey):
"Curiously, the most putatively “progressive” members of Congress seem to be the most exercised about resurrecting concepts that sound like Woodrow Wilson suppressing dissidents in wartime."
"Washington’s Bastille" (Moglia). The 'unmentionables'.  "Did Milton Friedman’s Libertarianism Seek to Advance Jewish Interests?" (de Wit).  MacDonald has a test (it catches almost all, if not all, of (((them)))):
"MacDonald gives us a three-step method to answer the question:
  1. find influential movements dominated by Jews, with no implication that all or most Jews are involved in these movements and no restrictions on what the movements are.”
  2. determine whether the Jewish participants in those movements identified as Jews
  3. AND thought of their involvement in the movement as advancing specific Jewish interests.” (Kevin MacDonald. Culture of Critique, pp. 11-12.)"
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