Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Today is September 10

"Xi reads the Multilateral Riot Act at Davos" (Escobar).  If these Davos Men had any shame they would never be able to show their faces in public, let alone tell us what our lives are all going to be like.  It's Xi versus the asshats who ran the western world into the ground pretending to fight the pandemic.  It is not a difficult choice.  

"Assassination Politics" (Bell).  More relevant than ever, especially in a blockchain world. Note what they did to Bell for this.

"The “Privacy Poor” vs. “Privacy Rich” in a “Digital Bastille”. The “Death of Privacy” under the Helm of the World Economic Forum (WEF)" (Willers)

"The Blob Is Addicted To Overseas Interventions" (Bandow).

"The Vicious Cycle Of Middle Eastern “Diplomacy”" (South Front):

"The situation in the Middle East is in a sort of vicious cycle. Israel targets reported Iranian positions throughout Syria. Tehran then responds by targeting Israel’s allies through its proxies.

Neither of the sides directly targets each other, at least not yet. Tel Aviv has even vowed to carry out a strike on Iran’s nuclear program if the Biden Administration rejoins the Iran Nuclear Deal. In own turn, Iran seems to be rock-solid to retaliate."

The false-flag casus belli for WWIII is being constructed by the (((usual suspects))) as I type, there will be no (or little) warning, and it will suddenly change everything.  It will need to be something shocking enough that the Euro-trash and the usual lackeys will be able, with a somewhat straight face, to participate in the illegal war, thus providing cover for the Assholian outrages. The (((media))) will be 100% War Talk, and the morans will chant 'USA USA USA'.  Shortly thereafter WWIII, a War For The Jews.

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