Monday, January 25, 2021

Wealth cap

"Open letter from Honduran activist to Biden" (Pagoada-Quesada).

Greenwald-Yglesias cancel-culture fistfight, somewhere randomly on Twitter.

"Dominion Voting Sues Rudy Giuliani Over Election Claims" (Durden).  How could anyone defend themselves without seeing Dominion's source code?

Tweets by Mohamed Elmaazi on Joshua Schulte.

"New START Survives" (Larison).  Biden can do this without fear of being mocked as kissing his boyfriend Putin.

"Biden Administration Vows to Consult with Israel on ‘All’ Regional Issues".  'Consult' = 'obtain prior written permission for'.

"When police kill a settler, settlers rain terror on Palestinians" (Noy).  Tweets by David Sheen.

The loons who run Alberta - who are at the steal-everything-that-is-not-nailed-down-for-our-cronies stage of governing, after gambling big on a cancelled pipeline - have really fucked themselves, and the province (and the planet):  tweet (jann arden) (Arden):

"ALBERTANS need to realize- that they and every single one of their descendants— that will ever set foot on this planet, will gaze upon gaping holes and destroyed mountains and slag heaps and they will drink poisoned water and there is nothing that will ever repair the damage."

"Former Israeli army spy recruited by Labour should feel right at home" (Cook) (it is professional help for the 'cleansing', goyim!; note also the connections to Shai Masot, of the Al Jazeera movie fame):

"The revelation this week that the British Labour Party recently appointed a former Israeli military spy to work in its headquarters, reporting to the office of leader Keir Starmer, is truly extraordinary in many different regards.

It is hard to believe the Labour leadership did not know who Assaf Kaplan was or appreciate the likely backlash to placing someone with his background in charge the party’s social media work. That may explain the continuing reluctance from the Labour leadership to comment.

In his online CV, Kaplan had drawn attention to his years spent in the notorious Israeli military intelligence unit 8200, which has a long and ugly record of surveilling Palestinians.

One of the unit’s main tasks, highlighted by a group of whistleblowers in 2014 and widely publicised in the British media, is to gain damaging information to blackmail individual Palestinians. They are then threatened into collaborating with Israel’s military authorities against fellow Palestinians.

Unit 8200 is the lynchpin of Israel’s success in maintaining its 54-year occupation, by engineering a policy of divide-and-rule among Palestinians and foiling any efforts they make to liberate themselves from Israeli oppression.

If Labour officials did not know the significance of Unit 8200, or how the invitation of a former Israeli “military intelligence officer” into Labour headquarters would look to swaths of party members, that in itself is an indictment."

Tweet (Whitepilled Will) ("antisemitic conspiracy"):

"Virtually every country outside the West recognizes this reality. Even America admits to its truth by the fact that you cannot openly say it without incurring social, politcal, or financial retribution."

Mythological Biden-Zuck rift:  "Zuckerberg's Biden problem" (Clayton).

"Sen. Josh Hawley: It’s Time To Stand Up Against The Muzzling of America" ('Hunter Wallace') (the article):
"I don’t want to hear “repeal Section 230” anymore. That’s not an adequate response to the concentrated political, economic and cultural power wielded by the tech oligarchy. 

Confiscate their wealth.

Propose a wealth cap of $50 million to abolish oligarchs.

Nationalize, break up or regulate these corporations like AT&T."
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