Saturday, January 09, 2021

Welcoming corporate tyranny

Tweet (Ben Norton) (Greenwald):

"Here's the most "progressive" member of the US Congress, John McCainist "deMoCRaTiC sOciALiSt" AOC, applauding and calling for more political censorship by unelected corporate Big Tech monopolies. 

She's no longer even pretending to oppose corporate tyranny. She's welcoming it." 
"“This Will Be Remembered as a Turning Point”: Snowden Warns Against Trump Social Media Ban" (MacLeod).

"UNINSTALL FIREFOX: Mozilla Posts Lunatic Statement About Need for a Totally Controlled Internet" (Anglin).  I used to use Firefox all the time, but Opera and Vivaldi are so much better I don't know why Firefox still exists.

The openness of the completely unapologetic calls for 1984-style censorship is quite eye opening.

The hint that the new platform is imminent?:  tweet (Yashar Ali):
"Rush Limbaugh's account was not suspended by Twitter...he deactivated it. 
Twitter will always note when it's a suspension..."
I think it is a pretty sure bet that Twitter won't exist in five years.

Uncharacteristically wise of Dem leadership:  "The Surrenderists: Dem Leaders Stand Down; No Consequences for Coup" (Floyd).  The smartest move for the Dems, so they will never do it, is angle for the Republicans to break into two parties, neither of which is electable, and a failed attempt at impeaching Trump just hands the party over to the Trumpists.

Role playing game:  "Natural Charmer Thief Steals Nancy Pelosi's Legendary Lectern" (Sailer).  

"One of the indigestible facts of this country is that most of its terrorism and nearly all its mass shootings are committed by mostly conservative-leaning white men, conservative here meaning those most earnestly committed to their white supremacist-misogynist identity politics, from the unending terrorism of the Klan and other racist groups and the anti-abortion murders of the 1990s to the present-day mayhem."  Really?  The real racism is that black people mass shooting other black people is literally invisible to some people.

Useful guide:  "Decoding the flags and banners seen at the Capitol Hill insurrection" (Quito/Shendruk).

The entire conspiracy was that Soros sent in the thugs to 'assist' BLM by doing the property damage, and the police were ordered to stay far away:  "Contra Biden and Harris, How Many BLM/Antifa Have Been Shot by Police?" (Sailer).

I used to think this guy was alright, but this is fucking terrible, and a considerable portion of the 'left' has instantly shown itself to be completely deranged:  "Americans Have Found the Enemy, and It Is They" (Welsh).

Identity politics as a cudgel against class politics:  "How the Left Is Being Manipulated Into Colluding in Its Own Character Assassination" (Cook).  It's a Chinese finger trap, the more you struggle, the tighter it gets.

The protestors had the means to travel across the country, stay in nice hotels, and construct elaborate costumes.  They are simply not the 'deplorables', the double-wide inhabiting, food-stamp consuming, hillbillies of leftish lore.  They did get snookered by an elaborate hoax which allowed them to fall into a trap of great propaganda use for the 'left'.  People under great stress getting fooled is a characteristic of color revolutions, indeed necessary for the trick to work:  "“Peaceful Protesters” in the US and Ukraine Yesterday & Today: About the Heroes of Maidan Times" (Stalker Zone).  Also (irony obliviousness alert):  "While Railing Against Trump Coup, Biden Appoints Chief Ukraine Coup-Plotter Victoria Nuland" (Macleod)!

It is unclear, and since nobody will look, we'll never know, who was behind this trickery.  Those with a motive would be those who want to block Trumpism from controlling the Republican Party, and it is a long list.  It might be more useful to consider those with the means of doing it, those who could control communications with the protestors (using QAnon), and the police (or lack thereof).  QAnon leads me to think CIA.
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