Wednesday, January 06, 2021

With bells on

To suck up properly to the CIA you can't just be a basic bitch, you have to be a bitch with bells on.

Speaking of bitchiness, this is straight-up treason and in a normal country they'd be hauling her sorry ass off to jail. 

"Saudi embrace of Qatar falls short of Gulf unity" (Bhadrakumar).  This is part of President Jared's sheldonization of the Middle East.  MbS must be wondering what happens post-Trump, with the CIA still furious with him for bonesawing their asset Khashoggi, and Biden perhaps not as friendly towards MbS as Trump was.

"“An Israeli Blitzkrieg” Signs Point to Imminent Israeli Military Action in Yemen" (Abdulkareem).  This could be Israel's chance at a war on Iran without provoking a counter-attack.  Classic Khazar use of imagined revenge for attacks by Israel as a casus belli for more attacks by Israel.

Matt Kennard tweets on 'Lady' Arbuthnot.

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