Friday, February 12, 2021


Tweet (Greg Price) (also, of course!!!):

"The best part about this Pedro Pascal tweet making the rounds is that the photo isn’t of children in cages at the border. It’s of Palestinian children waiting to be fed at a soup kitchen from 2010 lol." 

"Twenty Israelis Suspected of Selling Advanced Missiles to U.S. Rival in Asia" (Kubovich/Breiner).

Tweet (Michael Tracey):
"“Incitement” is an extremely narrowly-circumscribed concept in First Amendment law and for good reason: political speech is often highly incendiary. Dems could’ve chosen any number of methods to rebuke Trump and they go with one that undermines long-established speech protections"
Tweet (Ann Coulter) (self-styled bad Jew responding):
"The country isn't 73% Jewish?"
The Biden khabinet is amazing, almost comical (were it not for the mass destruction coming).

Bronfmanocracy news:  "Justin Trudeau buys drones “tested” on Palestinians" (Abunimah).

Somebody knows about a conspiracy and threatens to talk, is 'suicided' before they can, classic conspiracy theory!:  "Two police officers died by suicide after responding to Capitol riot" (Grayer).

"Ending the Other War in Yemen" (Terrell):
"In case the president gave the misimpression that the US was getting out of the business of killing Yemenis completely, the next day the State Department issued a clarifying statement, "Importantly, this does not apply to offensive operations against either ISIS or AQAP." In other words, whatever happens in regard to weapons sales to the Saudis, the war that has been waged for 21 years under the guise of the Authorization for Use of Military Force passed by congress authorizing the use of the US Armed Forces against those responsible for the September 11 attacks, will continue indefinitely, despite the fact that neither ISIS nor Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula existed in 2001. 
The "offensive operations" in Yemen that will continue under Biden include drone (UAV) strikes, cruise missile attacks and US Special Forces raids and are a part of the larger "war on terror" that began in the administration of George W. Bush and was expanded under Obama. Despite his campaign promises to end the "forever wars," a report from Airwars suggests that Trump has bombed Yemen more times than his two predecessors combined."
Hell has frozen over!

"Guardian writer insists cancel culture doesn’t exist, gets whacked by the granddaddy of all special interests: Big Israel" (Buyniski):
"Like the Israeli lobby’s defenders, cancel culture practitioners pile on their targets without regard for logic, fact, or common sense. They hammer away at not only their victim, but their victim’s employer until it becomes easier to just give them what they want, even if the “offensive” statement that started the controversy was utterly unimpeachable.  
Robinson’s criticism of the US dumping billions of taxpayer dollars at the feet of Israel while millions of Americans struggled to make ends meet was accurate, as most job-killing jabs at Israel are. Because there is no way of justifying the expenditure of $3.8 billion per year on a country that deliberately antagonizes its neighbors in order to justify the purchase of more American weaponry, Israel’s defenders merely lob the same “anti-Semitism accusation” grenade, again and again. As former Israeli minister Shulamit Aloni has freely admitted, “it’s a trick, we always use it.” "
The fact his last published column, on infamous degenerate druggie/self-help expert Jordan Peterson, was on 'cancel culture' not existing, or rather, that it should exist, is a nice touch.

Pretty bold coming on the heels of Twitter not suspending Nikole Hannah-Jones, particularly considering that there was no doxxing by Project Veritas (Twitter is boldly asserting that there is no consistency in treatment, and suspensions are 100% political):  "James O'Keefe Responds After Twitter Suspends Project Veritas For 'Doxing' Facebook Exec" (Durden).
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