Wednesday, February 17, 2021

A dour, sullen and unsmiling political hack

Tweet (Jack Posobiec):

"Antifa militant John Earle Sullivan got paid $70,000 by CNN and NBC for filming Ashlii Babbitt's death" 

"Ecuador suspends recount in presidential polls".  Weaponization of identity politics is common in color revolutions:
"Indigenous groups supporting Perez have called for rallies on Wednesday and a march to Quito to denounce alleged electoral fraud against their candidate."
Tweets by Debula on Bill Gates.  After the revolution, we need to round up and severely punish anybody who gave this mega-fucker a platform for anything.  I don't want to hear his opinions on anything ever again.

"How the Gates Foundation seeded America's COVID-19 policy catastrophes" (Schachtel).  Cause a disaster and then kindly offer to fix everything.

"Canadians, if you aren’t furious at the politicians flagrantly flouting the Covid safety measures they imposed, you should be" (Bartlett).  They are all laughing at us.

"Global Coup d’État: Mapping the Corporate Takeover of Global Governance" (Fries interview of Buxton):
"What we’ve been finding in recent years is that really there is something I would call it a kind of a global, silent coup d’état going on in terms of global governance. Most people don’t see it.

And people have become familiar with the way that corporations have far more influence and are being integrated into policymaking at a national level. They see that more in front of them. People see their services being privatized. They see the influence of the oil companies or the banking sector that has stopped actions such as regulation of banks or of dealing with a climate crisis.

What people don’t realize is a global level there has been something much more silent going on. Which is that their governance, which used to be by nations, is now increasingly being done by unaccountable bodies dominated by corporations. And part of the problem is that that has been happening in lots of different sectors but people haven’t been connecting the dots.

So what we’ve been trying to do in the last year is to talk with people in the health movement, for example; people involved in public education; people involved in the food sector; to say what is happening in your sector?

And what we found is that in each of these sectors, global decisions that used to be discussed by bodies such as the WHO or such as the Food and Agriculture Organization were increasingly done by these unaccountable bodies.

Just to give an example, we have now the global pandemic and one of the key bodies that is now making the decisions is a facility called COVAX [COVID-19 Vaccines Global Alliance]. You’d have thought global health should be run by the World Health Organization. It is accountable to the United Nations. It has a system of accountability.

Well, what’s actually happening is that the World Health Organization is just one of a few partners but really [COVAX] it’s being controlled by corporations and corporate interests. In this case it is GAVI [The Vaccine Alliance formerly known as the Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunization] and CEPI [The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations]. 
And they are both bodies, which don’t have a system of accountability. Where it’s not clear who chose them; who they’re accountable to; or how they can be held to account. And what we do see is that there’s a lot of corporate influence in each of these bodies."
'Multi-stakeholderism' doesn't mean that interests other than shareholders get any rights or consideration. It is just a catch phrase to get the foot in the door to allow even more corporate determination of big public policy decisions, at an international level, all based on 100% 'free market' solutions.  Nobody decided that these thugs should prevail - they, like Gates, just elbow their way to the front of the line.

"America’s future is in the hands of woefully inept cretins at a time when creativity and innovation are needed more than ever" (Buyniski).

"The WEF's Global Future Councils -The Architects of the Great Reset" (Viable Opposition).

"From “Event 201” to “Cyber Polygon”: The WEF’s Simulation of a Coming “Cyber Pandemic”" (Vedmore/Webb).  You can see what they were thinking.  Turbo-capitalism has failed, badly, and they needed a trick to put the same corporadoes in charge of everything at a time when corporate credibility is at an all-time low.  And, they needed to get rid of Trump, who was rude and a boor and hurt their delicate feelings, and, more importantly, was difficult to manage.  The lockdowns allowed for the postal ballots in bulk, which took care of Trump, and for enough of an economic shock that promises of a cure would have a chance of some positive reception.  Unfortunately for the Powers That Be, they have so mangled the response to the pandemic that big plans from the same cretins aren't going to go over well.  Still, they press on, as always, assuming they can bully their way to more power.

"The WEF Agenda Behind Modi Farm Reform" (Engdahl).  Same cretins, same tragedy if they get their way.

"Israel uses vaccines as bargaining chips" (Murphy) (also, tweets by Michael Bueckert).  Irving Cotler's daughter (!), proving the genocide seed doesn't fall far from the genocide tree.  I think this incident is one of the purest distillations of the true nature of the Khazars, and something that I think any gentile can immediately grasp.  They are the Harry Lime of a people, and get away with it, besides the blackmail and bribery, by most people being unaware that any group of people can possibly be that rotten.

"Saudi Arabia Sets Global Standard for Tyranny, but Asks: Why Is Washington Picking on the Kingdom?" (Bandow).  MbS, who is in real trouble, takes a bullshit page directly from Dersh.  For trouble, see:  "Biden plans to 'recalibrate' Saudi relations in shot at MbS: White House" (Rothschilds):
"As for questions about whether Biden would speak to the crown prince, Psaki said Biden is returning to “counterpart to counterpart” engagement.

“The president’s counterpart is King Salman and I expect at an appropriate time he will have a conversation with him. I don’t have a prediction on the timeline for that,” she said."
Speaking of epic dissing, Trump on McConnell is a new classic!

Book editor (!) cancellation.

Tweet (Candace Owens) (Greenwald) (also):
"#NeverForget the lies still being unveiled about January 6th: 

-No pipe bombs were ever placed on January 6th.
-No Trump supporter was behind those pipe bombs.
-Every person who died was a Trump supporter.
-No police officer was ever beaten to death with a fire extinguisher."
Tweet (Joe Catron):
"If it isn’t obvious, the House Democrats declined to call witnesses in their latest round of impeachment theater after realizing that some of their charges - “members of the crowd ... killed law enforcement personnel,” etc. - were baseless and couldn’t possibly be defended."
"The US' 2020 Elections: From Conspiracy Theory To Conspiracy Fact" (Korybko).  We usually see this kind of boasting and gloating amongst the Khazars about accomplishments that are actually illegal/immoral.  (((They))) use it in part to emphasize that there is no alternative, and resistance might as well give up as (((they))) will always win.  It is quite the power trip when you can admit to illegal activities for which you think you cannot be punished, and which you intend to repeat in all subsequent elections.

Rare arrest of an Antifa:  "Tallahassee Man Arrested For Inciting Violence At The Florida Capitol Building".  Also.  Note all the glaring signs of a narc, including fighting in Syria for the Kurds (YPG)!

Tweets by Meghan Bodette on human rights abuses in the lands occupied by the Turkish military in northern Syria, an occupation celebrated, naturally, by the JTY on the basis of Yinon and its laser focus on supporting the success of Khazar genocide.
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