Tuesday, February 16, 2021

A human rights agenda grounded in Judeo-Christian values

State Department to Yemen:  Stop Defending Yourself. 

"For Biden Administration, Black Lives Don’t Matter in Haiti!—A BAP Statement on Haiti" (The Black Alliance For Peace).  It is like Abbas and the Palestinian Authority.  Trump, who clearly, and overwhelmingly, won the last Presidential Election (unless you think it plausible that Biden got 10 million more votes than Barry!!!), should start his Presidency in Exile, ruling by degree from Mar-a-Lago.

"Biden shields Israel as JNF plans more colonial settlements" (Nassar).

"Biden’s First Directive to the War Machine" (Gorky).

"Why the success of Israel's strategy to silence critics is far from assured" (Massad).  Freedom from the Pure Evil of a Khazarocracy always starts bottom-up (as the top is so bribed and blackmailed to be worse than useless).

"Is a Revolutionary Movement Developing in Europe?" (Roberts).  An attempt to apply a level of democracy to a place where democracy isn't allowed.  People went along with it until it because clear the Trash were no longer capable of making good, or even sane, decisions.

Tweet (Mairav Zonszein):

"The Tikvah Fund, a far-right pro-settler fund that is behind Tablet magazine, is hosting its 2021 conference featuring Mike Pompeo, Tom Cotton, David Friedman and Elliot Abrams, among others. 

"Advancing a human rights agenda grounded in Judeo-Christian values.""

Tweet (Jonathan Cook):

"Cognitive dissonance anyone? UK education secretary Gavin Williamson wants to outlaw no-platforming by universities while at the same time he demands universities no-platform critics of Israel. Legal gymnastics will be needed to make this one work"

"Still Alive" (Astral Codex Ten) (background):
"I got emails from no fewer than four New York Times journalists expressing sympathy and offering to explain their paper's standards in case that helped my cause. All four of them gave totally different explanations, disagreeing about whether the reporter I dealt with was just following the rules, was flagrantly violating the rules, was unaffected by any rules, or what. Seems like a fun place to work. I was nevertheless humbled by their support. 
I got an email from Balaji Srinivasan, a man whose anti-corporate-media crusade straddles a previously unrecognized border between endearing and terrifying. He had some very creative suggestions for how to deal with journalists. I'm not sure any of them were especially actionable, at least not while the Geneva Convention remains in effect. But it was still a good learning experience. In particular, I learned never to make an enemy of Balaji Srinivasan. I am humbled by his support."
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