Saturday, February 20, 2021

A nail in the coffin

"Schwab Family Values" (Vedmore).   I'm sure Schwab is completely awful, but this very tenuous guilt-by-Nazi-association attack doesn't land at all.

Tweet (Matt Taibbi):

"What people who call @ggreenwald right-wing are actually saying is that his views - opposition to monopoly, surveillance, and censorship, skepticism of secret police agencies, belief in journalistic fairness - are incompatible with current Democratic Party orthodoxy."

The Intercept did its job, which is intercepting (while honeytrapping the occasional whistleblower):  "Lava Jato Hacker Walter Delgatti speaks" (Mier).

Added:  "Thirsty, Cold, and Scooping Feces With Their Hands: Crisis in Reality Winner’s Texas Prison" (Barnes).  Wow!  She's only there because of the honeytrap set up by The Intercept!

"Antifa’s Bravest Enemy" (Jackson).  This is the book whose editor was immediately fired.

Tweet (Peter Skipton):
"Why did Peter Mandelson, Keir Starmer's new "advisor", holiday with Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell in Caribbean in 2005?

Why is Keir Starmer employing advisors associated with pedophiles?

Why did Keir Starmer refuse to prosecute Jimmy Savile for sex crimes when he was DPS?"
"Damascus Says Biden Is Setting Up New Bases On Sovereign Syrian Territory" (Durden).  More Yinon for Syria is basically the first thing Biden did.

"Fauci champions Israeli medical apartheid" (Murphy).

Being a billionaire doesn't mean you are smart, but it does instill a certain foolish arrogance:  "Facebook makes a power move in Australia - and may regret it" (Ortutay/Arbel).  Is that you, Zuck?:  "Rape allegations throw doubt over future of Australian prime minister" (Head).

Google is definitely not woke:  "Google fires Margaret Mitchell, another top researcher on its AI ethics team".

"Review: HBO’s devastating ‘Allen v. Farrow’ is a nail in the coffin of Woody Allen’s legacy" (Ali).

"Palestine elections: A leap into the unknown for Fatah and Hamas" (Hearst).  Politics won't save the Palestinians.

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald) (hilarious, if true, and makes the whole sanctioning process look like the joke it is):
"According to @business, Washington could soon unveil a sweeping package of sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. But, in an effort to avoid a diplomatic row with Berlin, Joe Biden's team could leave German construction firms exempted."
President Manchin may well be the second greatest Assholian President after, of course, Nobel Prize for Genocide winner President Jared.

Tweet (Samantha Edwards) (the pretense is that they are a fire hazard):
"NEW: The city of Toronto is officially taking legal action against carpenter Khaleel Seivwright, who's been building tiny shelters for encampment residents."
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