Monday, February 01, 2021

A Texas miracle

"The Politics of an Assassination: Who Killed Gandhi and Why?" (Saha).  Modi flies on the spirits of Hindu supremacist Gandhi assassins. 

The Russians, from Lavrov down, have wisely decided that the Assholes are not agreement-capable, not to be trusted, and in fact need to be avoided as much as possible as no possible good can come in mixing with these psychos.  "The best way to repair the Russian/American relationship is for both sides to minimise contacts, and keep out of each other’s way" (Lukyanov).

"How a US-Backed Coup in Serbia Inspired the DC Insurrection" (Dan Cohen).  The comments are skeptical, starting with the fact there was no coup, and you really have to wonder about Savic, who seems to have been miraculously granted his wish to live in Texas.

Tweet (Aaron Maté) (is it a coincidence that LaRouchians are back in the webs?):

"My mind is blown. Before Adam Schiff. Before Maddow. Before @emptywheel. Before Seth. Before Chait. Before Mueller... ...Lyndon LaRouche was the Russiagate OG."

I had completely forgotten about emptywheel, took a glance at the Twitter feed, and can confirm that it is still as batshit insane as I remembered.

"Israeli Institution Steals Artefacts For International Holocaust Remembrance Day" (Barford).  Law doesn't apply to Khazars, and they like to keep proving it, but in this case were almost certainly duped by their khleptomania.

Pictures look safe and healthy!:  "Israel extends coronavirus lockdown as Orthodox Jews breach regulations to attend rabbi funerals".  The funerals were for rabbis who died of covid, so you really have to wonder about the sanity of these people.

"Pro-Israel Instagram page provokes ridicule over questions to 'anti-Zionists'" (Allouche).  Bumbling attempt to protect murder and land theft from any criticism using woke terminology and concepts.

"British recruit involved in killing of Palestinian teen" (Nassar).  Will they revoke her British citizenship now that she has been 'radicalized'?  Just kidding.

"Did Vaxxing for Covid Kill Sports Hero Hank Aaron?" (Lendman).  Seems almost certain (despite that fucker Kennedy sticking his nose in).  I suppose one way the vaccinations might 'succeed' is if they kill off a good chunk of the people most likely to catch the disease.  "A Brief Examination of Some Facts Related to Mass Vaccination" (Atzmon).  It is difficult to get over the idea that governments are covering up vaccine-related deaths.

"The Largest Experiment on Humans Ever Seen" (Slane).  The thing is, it appears the lockdowns are now starting to work, largely because some of the big loopholes are finally (!) being patched - there is still no excuse for the unserious way the entire western political class has handled this pandemic (in a just world, they would all have been given a fair trial and summarily executed for treason) - and the holiday get-togethers are over.

Tweet (The Lincoln Project):
"The Lincoln Project’s legal response to the false and defamatory statements made by Rudy Giuliani."
Hiring smart-asses for lawyers is never a good idea. It seems likely that there is nothing anybody could possibly say about The Lincoln Project that is worse than reality. It is literally undefamable.  Giuliani could have said they were a bunch of axe murderers, and the sane response would be 'well, at least that's better than Weaver'.
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