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Wokeness is a religion.  The responses are almost all personally insulted, as you would expect:

'The writing style of your tweets is basically just John Birch society meets ketamine induced Žižek fan, frankly. 

I almost admire the vibe."
"Labour shadow minister says 'Mx' should be used as gender-neutral alternative to Mr and Mrs in latest 'woke' conundrum for Sir Keir Starmer" (Owen).

Anglin on Greenwald on the new levels of thuggery amongst 'journalist' bullies.  One thing that is difficult not to notice about the 'journalist' class is that they are all awful, awful, awful human beings.  Just awful.  Not to mention, ironically (or not), serial liars.

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"Stories like these are signaling the long, slow rollout of clampdown on podcasts. It starts by announcing there's an urgent problem that threatens us all—and then, surprise! The solution turns out to be the same state+oligarch-funded disinfo warrior NGOs."
"Can Anyone Moderate Podcasts?" (Carman).  Since podcasts aren't tied to a platform, they can't be eliminated on the say-so of some platform censor.  Eventually, they will have to resort to imprisonment or assassination for opinions they don't fully agree with.

The new obsession amongst 'journalists' with censorship seems to reveal a kernel of an understanding that something is deeply wrong with the culture of lying they promote in their day jobs.

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald):
"Quite something to watch Western hacks & press outlets cheerleading a crackdown on media freedom in Eastern Europe. 
The TV stations shut by Kiev are owned by Ukrainians, staffed by Ukrainians & they broadcast to Ukrainians. 
They are attached to the largest opposition party."
"Arranging The Middle East Narrative To Push The Agenda Forward" (South Front):
"On February 9th, the Pentagon said that it was no longer in Syria to protect and exploit oil fields.

It is now back to hunting ISIS. Back to the square one of 2014 and the Obama era. ISIS somehow obliged by ramping up their activities throughout Syria.

It is a mystery that they were able to make such a sharp and sudden resurgence. It should also be noted that the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces allegedly have about 10,000 ISIS terrorists imprisoned.

This statement of intent denotes a massive shift in posture for the US. When defending the oil fields the US troops were mostly static, when hunting ISIS they can, once again, roam around and carry out various operations."
Cohencidence:  "Urgent: PayPal Blocked Southfront Account".

"Caught In The Act - New York Times "Selectively Misquotes" Scientists To Fit Its "Prescribed Narrative"" (Moon).  Tweet (Radio Free Amanda 余美娜):
"New NYT piece claims that China hid info during the recent WHO fact-finding trip to Wuhan, but two investigators quoted in the article say their quotes were intentionally twisted to fit a prescribed narrative"
Tweet (Manolo De Los Santos) (there is some irony in the people of Venezuela being forced by the Empire to take the non-poisonous vaccines):
"US sanctions on Venezuela were preventing it from buying vaccines. #SputnikV are arriving now thanks to Russia breaking through the blockade"
Ben Norton tweets on the Assholes trying to do The Steal in Ecuador:
"The US is blatantly meddling in Ecuador's election to try to stop the popular socialist candidate who won the first round in a landslide from becoming president

Here is the US State Dept applauding a bogus "recount" overseen by the coup-plotting OAS and corrupt electoral council
The U.S. government applauds the February 12 announcement by to verify votes in 17 provinces in Ecuador's February 7 presidential election. This allows the electoral process to advance with enhanced guarantees to the candidates and citizens alike. 1/3
Truly dystopian: The US State Dept is depicting election theft as "transparency"

The 1st round results were clear: leftist Arauz won by 13%. They're doing a "recount" to change the numbers so US-backed Trojan horse candidate Yaku Pérez is no longer in 3rd"
Tweet (Dan Cohen) (after they disarmed, the government just picks them off one by one):
"Bryan Javier Secue and Juan Carlos Correa Restrepo are the latest ex-FARC guerrillas assassinated in Colombia. They signed a peace accord with the government, gave their weapons to the UN, and were murdered while the government they signed the accord with turns a blind eye."
"Bought-And-Paid-For: Biden’s Long History Pandering to the Israeli Lobby" (CovertAction Magazine).

"Pentagon Tries to Pretend that it’s Engaged in “Harmless Activities” in Syria" (Platov).

"Gulf Ambassador Yelled at Member of Congress Pushing to End Yemen War" (Grim).  See also.  You might think there wouldn't be room in Woke Washington for such a thug.

"Kahanism is now Israel's mainstream" (Winstanley).  "Even AIPAC was alarmed by rise of Israeli racist party in 2019. Now, who cares!" (Weiss) (what I like about Weiss is an essential honesty, so even when he is feeding the goyim outrageous lies to trick them into going along with his people's genocide, he also gives us enough information to see through his lies).  Tweet (Kevin MacDonald):
"Weiss: "What happens when Israel just keeps turning into such a rightwing Jewish-supremacist country that U.S. Israel-lovers lose their stomach for defending it?" 
Me: Won't happen. U.S. Jews are fine with ethnic supremacy if Jews are the dominant group."
"The Working-Class Future of the GOP" (MacDonald):
"Basically, this is what had to happen when the rich become disproportionately Jewish and educated middle- and upper-middle-class Whites became infected with leftist, anti-White ideology and became convinced that wokeness was a moral imperative. Jews — including the many former neocons who jumped ship because of Trump hate — are on the left and the financial and intellectual backbone of the Democratic Party. The Dems are now the party of the billionaires, the media, and the academic establishment. They have no emotional ties to traditional America or even the Chamber-of-Commerce, Kiwanis-Club, small-business folks who used to made up most GOP voters. They do not resonate to the White working class whom they see as retrograde, outsourceable rubes. I seriously believe that they are aiming for an American police state in which dissident voices are silenced — even mainstream conservative outlets like Fox News — and the oligarchs have complete control."
Comment by Mark Tapley:
"The super rich composed to a large extent of Zionist Jews have accelerated their concentration of wealth to a large degree as a result of their establishment and control of the private banking cartel since 1913. This was designed to transfer the wealth to the government (Zionist elite) while gradually eviscerating the middle class even in while within the greatest economic development in history. The elite’s own pervert Bolshevik economic guru Keynes admitted it:
“By a continuous process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method, they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some….The process engages all of the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner that not one man in a million can diagnose.” This process has continued unabated at a steady rate of about 50% every 17 years and is now accelerating after the “bailout for billionaires program” in 08, and now under the massive theft of trillions more by the banking cartel under the incredibly sinister medical fraud that now includes the gene therapy injection euphemistically termed a vaccine.

How is it that Macdonald and everyone else do not see that the same Zionist elite that control the credit and finances, most of corporate America, education, big Pharma and the medical establishment, all of the MSM and the so called “entertainment” industry” as well as all foreign policy, the puppet actor presidency and our shabbos goy congress, also control both the fake Republican and Democratic political parties. Just look at the top donors (Zionist Jews) to both of these fake entities and it is apparent that it is all staged just like the fake virus, 911, WMD’s and the transparently phony “capitol riot.”

As the Zionists tighten the vice with the pressure from above and pressure from below, the livestock just get poorer and Jewmerica’s economy deteriorates just as planned. Macdonalds dissertation about the political nuances of this group and that group are a waste of time and are only a reflection of the herd being driven further into the socialist pen of desperation where the gate is to be permanently shut. In the long run, the Zionists don’t care about what color the cattle are, just so the herd is efficiently managed on the global plantation."
Tweet (Julie Kelly)
"The trial has helped cover up any number of political disasters that Democrats have on their hands. Biden school reopening promise is in flames, 2 governors of 2 biggest Dem run states in peril, emerging crisis at the border among other problems."
Tweet (Matt Fuller):
"Just a reminder: The Senate isn’t even in next week.

They’re not going to be working on Covid relief. They’re not going to be confirming Biden’s Cabinet. They’re going on vacation."
Tweet (George Papadopoulos):
"Biden has now forced the national guard to “protect” Washington DC until the end of 2021. We have entered banana republic territory here."
"lèse-diversité" (Sailer).

Tweets by Alec Karakatsanis on Biden's latest attack on prisoners (who are already screwed over on telephone calls).  If you haven't heard much about this it is because it really doesn't fit the ideological Narrative.

"The nation’s oldest juvenile lifer, Joe Ligon, left a Pa. prison after 68 years" (Melamed).  15 + 68 = now.

"With Charity For Some? Lincoln Project Faces Questions Over The Spending And Compensation" (Turley).  "The Lincoln Project, Facing Multiple Scandals, is Accused by its Own Co-Founder of Likely Criminality" (Greenwald).  It would be funny if it was the illegal doxxing that landed them in jail.  I don't think any of this would have come to light were it not for the sex life of Weaver.

Trudeau is an evil imperialist.  On the plus side, he's not very good at it.  "Trudeau faces series of setbacks to corporate, imperial policies" (Engler).

"Why Suu Kyi is Incapable of Defeating the Military" (Iqbal).  Her mistake may have been to attempt to cut her western backers in on some of the monopoly profits made by corrupt members of the military.

Tweet (Striker):
"Reminds me of the "sentences" the Israeli military gives to its soldiers when they commit war crimes against Palestinians. We live in an occupied nation, but the power structure is asymmetrical."
Tweet (LotGH Dub Project):
"Feb 13-15 was the bombing of Dresden. While there were arguably some strategic objectives, its primary purpose was to torture the regular german people for daring to stand up against the burgeoning global financial power. This is what happens when you lose a fight against demons."
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