Friday, February 19, 2021

Broken promises

Tweet (Ben Norton):

"So Biden's claim to "end" the war on Yemen was just marketing, as we said

The US empire will continue to prop up the Wahhabi monarchy in Saudi Arabia, as always

Yemen's Houthis/Ansarallah are defending their country. But the US absurdly portrays their self-defense as aggression" 

"Apartheid ‘Israel’ to vaccinate foreign workers except Palestinians".

Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):
"Canadian media, including @CBCNews, @CTVNews, @theglobeandmail & @NationalPost, have repeatedly cited Adrian Zenz without a hint of scepticism or critical analysis. As recently as yesterday, CBC's @JPTasker cited Zenz as if Zenz is a reliable source:…."
"An Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Regarding Haiti".

Studebaker on Taibbi on Marcuse:  "Misreadings of Marcuse and the Confused Cancel Culture Debate":
"Cancel culture isn’t a left-wing way of fighting back against blacklisting. It’s a new, clever form of blacklisting in which the left is enlisted to participate in its own marginalization. The astounding thing is that even the victims of this don’t really see it for what it is. The blacklist worked because the first amendment allowed the government to deny responsibility for the suppression of dissent. Cancellation takes this a step further by inducing even the victims of cancellation to continue to identify with their own suppressors.

The result is a left-wing discourse that is increasingly anti-intellectual. It has to be anti-intellectual, because its members live in mutual fear. The set of views which might be the basis for cancellation are ever-evolving, in part because of the wide discretion this gives wealthy elites in their deployment of cancellation to eliminate voices they don’t like. In such a climate, the voices that can survive are the obsequious types with no real positions of their own. These people can adapt to ever-shifting discursive rules because they are more interested in having a career than in saying anything substantive. People with principled positions–even people who go to great lengths to avoid cancellation–are likely to run afoul of nebulous rules sooner or later. We end up with a “left” discourse populated mainly by people who are comfortable appeasing oligarchs while trafficking in left-wing aesthetics and tropes."
It is remarkable how much cancel culture resembles parts of the Cultural Revolution, particularly the masochistic self-criticism.

Tweet (John Cardillo):
"Dems are throwing Cuomo under the bus because NY AG Leticia James wants to be Governor and Kamala Harris doesn't want him to primary her in 2024."
"Biden is The Reincarnation of Russia’s “Goofy Drunk” President Boris Yeltsin" (Soldo).  "Why does Biden continue Trump’s anti-people policies?" (Butterfield).  "Biden’s First Month Marked by Broken Promises" (MacLeod). What is going to be striking is that Biden will break all of his campaign promises, and the SJWs won't give a fig.  At least he's not Trump.

Remarkably anti-Semitic, but the safe kind, as you have to add your own knowledge to see it:  "How to Write About Iran: A Guide for Journalists, Analysts, and Policymakers" (Nasseri).
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