Monday, February 01, 2021


"The Destructive Plan Behind the Biden Russia Agenda" (Engdahl). Nudelman-Kagan is now in charge again of the color revolution attacks involving stunts like Navalny and the use of social media to spread unrest about the Amalek, and rascal, Putin.

"Putin Is Doomed" (Robinson).

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald):

"Speak volumes that @christopherjm, formerly of US state-run @rferl, thinks Russia supplying life-saving vaccines to the Donbass (while virtue signalling about 'occupation) is a bigger concern than Ukraine denying its citizens access to the same vaccines for political reasons."

"When Hawks Advocate a Human Rights-Oriented Foreign Policy, You Know It Isn’t About Human Rights" (Bandow).  The use of 'human rights' as an Assholian political tool is a bizarre anachronism.  Back in the days of Mao or Stalin, an argument could be made that Assholians were 'freer', and that the Assholes could legitimately compare their system favorably to those of their imperial opponents.  Since then, the opponents have changed markedly for the better (if not perfect), and Assholia has descended into some kind of unrecognizable bizarre hellscape, with all indications being that it is going to get much worse at a rapidly accelerating rate.  Each passing day is a new low.  It is now nothing less than an obscenity for the Assholes and their lackeys - almost always (((lackeys))) as it was, of course, the Khazars who first weaponized 'human rights' for their own genocidal purposes - to use rights talk as a method of regime change.

'Human rights' in Assholia:  "US Justice Department Tries To Stifle Alleged WikiLeaks Source's Challenge To Cruel Confinement" (Gosztola).

Tough, but fair:  "If America Dissolves" (Romanof).

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):

"Biden hiding from the national media is being framed by the national media as a political masterstroke"

The (((media))) cover-up of Biden's extreme state of senility is already hilarious.  WilsonFDRJFKReagan.

Tweets by Arjun Sethi on the planned evisceration of the ICC, for, um, (((reasons))).

Oh, a 'debunking' (funny how this is still a live irritation for the Clintonistas so many years later, but, as we have seen with 'Ricky Vaughn', Killary never forgets or forgives):  "Revealed: Brits who fuelled ‘vicious’ conspiracy theory by Trump supporters" (Campbell).  Spoiler alert - there is no actual debunking, though it almost appears that he are going to (he sets up the pieces but then doesn't play the game).  The VIPS analysis remains unchallenged, although the Assholian court system was successfully used to bully people into silence.

Assholes, kiss your precious bodily fluids goodbye:  "China's Push to Control Americans' Health Care Future" (Wertheim).  Some breaches of privacy are good for you, goyim:  "Cellebrite: Israel’s Good Cyber Cop is Big Tech’s Backdoor to Breaching Your Privacy" (Diego).

"Leon Black Did Nothing Wrong, Will Stop Being Apollo CEO Anyway" (Shazar).  Reddit makes a weird find, an archived Zionist site connecting Epstein's start to the Bronfmans (Reddit comment by yunibyte).

Zaid Jilani tweets on the Kendi grift.  "More on what modern "antiracism" does to schools, or could not -- and some insight on the Kendi thing." (McWhorter):
"Here’s the rub: The people who sit drinking all of this in and calling it deep wouldn’t let it pass for a minute if he were white."
Btw, I 100% guarantee that Critical Race Theory has absolutely no future because Khazars get caught up in it.  (((They))) will buy Kendi off and he'll retire into obscurity, having leveraged some 'ideas' into a shitload of money.  Mazel tov!

Pretty strong evidence that the second impeachment is performance art, and not a serious effort at actual impeachment:  "Why Hasn’t The House Held Hearings To Establish “Incitement To Insurrection”?" (Turley).  Of course, it is probably also the case that they didn't want to reveal how weak the case really was.

"Conservatives worked for Decades to build an Imperial Presidency, and it Gave them Trump and now Biden" (Engelhardt).  I think the real problem is that guys like Tom Engelhardt can describe Joe Biden - fucking Joe Biden! - as a 'decent man'.  I'm serious.  That's not a mistake, that is a serious deep problem with the whole country.  I'd like to demand you do better, but I know you can't.

"Israeli aggression will never destroy the Syrian wall of resistance" (beeley).

"HDP youth warn of ‘dirty war’ amid new wave of state disappearances in Turkey" (Sweeney).

"Viral Inequality and the Farmers’ Struggle in India" and "Indian Farmers on the Frontline Against Global Capitalism" (Todhunter).  Modi won't budge, but I can't see how the farmers can budge.  It is life and death for them.

"Political violence erupts in San Salvador" (El Salvador Prespectives).

Tweet (Rational Disconnect):
"this seems like a totally normal response to *checks notes* some tape"
Helen Keller, con artiste!  Joke?
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