Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Extinguish the extinguisher

"Cultural Deafness Defines the West" (Crooke).  We got a big dose of this during the #Russiagate Impeachment (as opposed to the more recent Incitement to Larp Impreachment), when all the Swamp critters repeated the same Asshole Narrative, over and over, one after the other.  Their Official Story is created to please themselves by making them look good, even as they quickly wreck the most powerful Empire on earth, and no amount of facts will shake their steely determination to believe the mythology.  The recent Russian refusal to stop living in the same fantasy as the Euro-Trash is new, and, hopefully, contagious.

Russian version:  "Crackpot Theory No. 11: Passionarity" (Robinson).

"Nasrallah on Capitol Riots: Trump revealed the true face of the United States".

"Nolte: NY Times Waits Until Close of Impeachment Trial to Retract ‘Fire Extinguisher’ Fable".  "“Shame on You, New York Times!” Scientists Speak Out Over Media Disinformation on China" (MacLeod).  "The New York Times Descends Into Lunacy" (Purple).

"US, OAS, Colombia try to steal Ecuador’s election from popular socialist candidate, while spreading fake news" (Norton).  Unless the Assholes can sneak in some of their infamous postal ballots, I don't see how all these machinations are going to pay off.  Since none of these tricks are secret, I would assume the traitors will be punished by the electorate by giving Arauz even more votes.

"“Unity”" (Kunstler).  I really hope this transcript is accurate!  "Address me as Mr. President or President Biden".  "I will not, and you can go fuck yourself".

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