Saturday, February 27, 2021

Fire up the bone saws

"Amnesty International chiefs admit 'undermining' Alexei Navalny by stripping him of his prisoner of conscience status for ‘racism’ as they are tricked into Zoom call with pro-Kremlin pranksters" (Ibbetson).  Would any really oppressed person in the world be worse off if Amnesty were to be closed.?  Nope.  It is just another bunch of Imperial grifters, no better than Bellingcat.

Navalny and friends:  "Visions of "A New Political Nationalism"" (Lavinski).

It is interesting that the vaccines are sprung just after the covid rates naturally plummet, making them seem responsible for the improvement!

"Culpability and Recalibration: MBS and the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi" (Kampmark).  Recalibration = nothing, so Biden is again following Trump.  MbS has learned he can operate with impunity:  "Canada: après la disparition d'un dissident saoudien, des exilés craignent d'être en danger (média)".

"US exceptionalism surges again. Will it fly?" (Bhadrakumar):

"The US’ return to the UNHRC does not stem from noble intentions. It is primarily due to the worry over China’s increasing influence in the UN body during the US’ absence in the most recent years. Specifically, China stole a march over the US by bringing the pandemic under control and it has become an eyesore. Equally, China’s stance on human rights has growing resonance among the developing countries — that human rights should be relative to the situations of developing countries; that the concept of human rights should be diversified as there is no one-size-fits-all approach for human rights development; and that countries should not export their own model or use human rights issues to interfere in other countries’ domestic affairs. 

Indeed, the western concept of human rights, narrowly focused on freedom of speech or religion and democratic elections tend to overlook that the basic right for the bulk of humanity is about living and development. The Western countries refuse to accept the fact that there are many roads to development and prosperity for the developing countries, and their path is only one of them and, perhaps, not even the best or the most suitable path. 

Plainly put, human rights are being used as a tool to enforce and perpetuate the present global order in accordance with Western interests. However, it is a losing battle. A new world order is taking shape with a vastly different global humanitarian agenda, which will inevitably become the mainstream for human society. "

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