Thursday, February 11, 2021

Frazzledrip is real

"A Trove of Clever KGB Spy Cameras From the Cold War Are Up for Sale" (Schneider). 

Tweet (Joe Catron):'

"It's very strange that over a month later, the only Capitol Hill death about which we know anything is the protester shot by a cop, and that because it was filmed by other participants at the time. I don't see how anyone can avoid suspecting a cover-up."

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald):
"Last week, US/UK media, & the usual Twitter conspiracy theorists reported that that the doctor who treated Alexey Navalny in Siberia last summer had died. The implication being he was killed to shut him up. 

Now turns out he was on sick leave when Navalny was at the hospital."
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Insane new cold war propaganda: Writing at the far-right neoconservative Gatestone Institute, discredited fake "expert" Gordon G. Chang (who has falsely predicted the collapse of China since 2001) cites US spies to absurdly claim China is using eugenics to build a "master race""
Anglin in Unz!

"Captain Tom & Navalny’s WW2 veteran defamation cases show how Britain & Russia remain haunted by spectre of victory over Nazis" (Robinson).  Captain Tom seems to be another vaccine victim!

"Understanding the complicated politics and geopolitics of the coup in Myanmar" (Prashad).  Self-coup.  Just replacing the civilian front, a bit tattered in the west due to the Rohingya.

I suspect every Assholian embassy around the world has the English posters pre-printed and waiting in the basement for the local color revolution (while I sit in Canada awaiting the 'Maple Revolution'):  "Something Is Iffy In Myanmar - Only Ten Days After The Coup There Is Already A U.S-Style Color Revolution Countering It" (Moon).  Sounds like the Assholes want to influence who the generals pick as the new civilian front.

"Co-creator of ‘Yo! MTV Raps’ is now a prolific QAnon blogger, COVID-19 conspiracy theorist":
"In one of the site's most viewed articles, Bruce alleges, "Frazzledrip is real." Frazzledrip is a wild, baseless QAnon conspiracy theory that a video was found on Anthony Weiner's computer of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin raping a little girl, cutting off her face, and wearing it. Then, the deeply disturbing made-up story goes, they ate her."
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