Saturday, February 13, 2021

If you want peace, prepare for war

"As column in Moscow's top progressive newspaper labels West 'New ethical Reich,' are Russian liberals turning away from EU & US?" (Robinson). 

"Crucial statement by Foreign Minister Lavrov".

"EU/Germany parting of the ways?" (Lee).

"Exposing the Russophobic Farce that JIT made out of the MH17 Tragedy" (Platov).

"Twitter suspends account of Russian arms control delegation, head diplomat wonders about censorship".

"Twitter falls in line, removes 97% accounts flagged by Government of India" (Singh).  "India’s space agency to build homegrown alternative to Google Maps, after country introduces ‘own’ Twitter & WhatsApp".

"Chinese professor: There were no ancient western civilizations, just modern fakes made to demean China".

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