Thursday, February 18, 2021

International Swamp

"A Superpower, Like It or Not" (Kagan). Illustration.

"Haiti: Black Despots and White Rulers" (Pierre).  "Haiti’s Constitutional Crisis: A Tangled Web of Aberrations" (Anglade).  "“Stop Interfering in Our Lives”: Haitians Protesters Condemn US Support for Dictator" (MacLeod).

"In good company: Fauci follows Wiki co-founder, ‘death panels’ inventor, warmonger Blair & WEF creator as winner of Israeli prize" (Buyniski).  I guess the $1 million takes care of the acute embarrassment of having to be associated with the other 'winners'.

"Avril Haines and Her Connections to the Global Plutocrats" (Viable Opposition).  Full member of both Swamp and International Swamp.

"Nonviolent Noncooperation: Why Indian farmers’ protests are being called a ‘satyagraha’ – which means ’embracing the truth’" (Ganguly).

Worst fucking group of people in the world, by a lot.  "Picnic video exposes both faces of Israeli apartheid" (Cook).  "Spike in settler attacks creates “living hell” for Palestinians" (Kunzl).  Once the rockets start flying, and the knowledge workers head back to Brooklyn or Paris or Montreal, the settlers, who are parasites on Khazaria (thus, parasites squared), will presumably just starve to death.  That will be a shame, and the world will have to try not to cheer too loudly.

"Incitement is the New Terrorism" (Van Buren).  In case you don't think everything is going to get much worse, fast.

Fire the judge (after naming her), and all the worthies that approved her island zooming, for cause, immediately:  "Ontario judge presided over cases remotely from Caribbean. Superior Court blames ‘an oversight’" (Powell).  Nobody needs any warning to know this is wrong, and we've been through enough scofflaw bureaucrats and politicians to confirm that everybody believes this kind of behavior is completely unacceptable.

"Atlantic Council Urges Biden to Enforce Regime Change in Belarus" (Antonopoulos).  "Canada to fund opposition in Belarus and names Russia and China its main enemies" (Leiroz).  "Belarus: a bridge to cooperation" (Thomson).  

"App flap: Twitter’s India troubles give local rival Koo a lift" (Rai).  We won't be safe from these psychos until every country has an alternative to all of Big Data.

"The nays Ave. it: Ottawa's Trump Avenue to keep its name".

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