Tuesday, February 09, 2021


"They Admit "Our Democracy" Is Rigged" (Hampton):

"The use of “cabal” is too perfect. Ball feels comfortable calling it a cabal because there is no need to hide it anymore. It’s similar to how liberals talk about the Great Replacement. If you say whites are being replaced and it’s bad, you’re a conspiracy theorist. If you say it’s good, you get a column in the New York Times. The same now plays out with the 2020 election. If you think the election was rigged and that’s bad, you’re a conspiracy theorist. If you think it was a good thing, then you’re a mainstream journalist laughing at being a member of the cabal."

(((Ball))).  I didn't know she was blessed with ((())), but there was a classic Khazar gloating feel to the article.  (((Michael Podhorzer))) is credited as the architect of the scheme.

"Mike Podhorzer: Architect of the Electoral Mega-Conspiracy against Trump" (Rondón) (note the planning well ahead of time to use the (((media))) and (((Big Tech))) to manage the population by consistently calling Trump's complaints about The Steal as 'disinformation', an effort that is still happening):
"Mike Podhorzer believed that it was necessary to generate an entire coalition to be able to manage the narrative in the electoral arena, to take advantage of the discontent of the various sectors of American society, to politicize the pandemic, to use the communications machinery of the Democratic Party – big media and Big Tech – to “combat disinformation”, to carry an accurate counter-narrative so that Trump’s allegations of fraud would not penetrate civil society."
and (I don't know if Schifeling has ((())), but it wouldn't surprise me, and Schifeling is a ((())) name):
"Unconventional warfare had to be enlisted, and so, at last, “the Democracy Defense Coalition was born.”

“Deirdre Schifeling, a former top strategist for Planned Parenthood, took the lead in coordinating the effort. With a grand name and a skeletal staff, the group began approaching liberal organizations in Washington and the states. A cluster of a few strategists became a coalition of 80 groups, and then of more than 200.,” the effort was immense, the resources also large. 

It was the alliance, in TIME‘s words, of Progressive organizations and economic titans. All colluded to achieve the triumph of the Biden-Harris formula to the detriment of Trump."

The main story line was that, even as they took massive efforts to subvert the democratic process, they were really working at 'saving' democracy!

"The Democrats’ 7-Step Strategy to Win the Election Using Vote-by-Mail Chaos" (Mansour/Pinkerton).  Lots of (((Soros))).

Note that if they needed time to get more mail-in ballots 'counted' from the dead (and random cats who received ballots in the mail), they had already planned immediate post-election violence, presumably using the (((Soros))) army, Antifa.  It seems very likely that the 'mostly peaceful' riots continued largely to create the climate of fear which would encourage the acceptance of mail-in ballots (people scared to go out to vote by both virus and insurrection).

All this, as (((they))) missed the wars Biden is falling all over himself to give them.
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