Thursday, February 25, 2021

“Kinetic” event

"The Capital Riot: Tourists, Terrorists, or Iranians-in-Disguise, Perhaps?" (Smith) (my emphasis in red):

"Another member of the ancien regime, modern American-style, is longtime Republican Senator from Maine, Susan Collins.  Collins’ initial take on what was happening at the Capitol was notably unusual:  “My first thought was that the Iranians had followed through on their threat to strike the Capitol…” (Bangor Daily News, January 11).  Sounds outlandish, at first glance, but perhaps the Senator was referring to that ferocious flotilla of Iranian speed boats violently skimming Atlantic Ocean waves to harass the “sacred” Citadel of our “Demo-crashy” in retaliation for last January’s assassination of Iran’s top general, Qassem Soleimani?

In reality, Senator Collins was even further off-base, but entirely on-brand, in her “immediate” reactionary thought.  On the morning of January 6, a Wednesday, CBS News broke an “exclusive” story that on January 4, a Monday, several New York City air traffic controllers had heard a “digitized voice recording” claiming that Iran, presumably, would be flying a plane into the Capitol building on Wednesday, January 6, the precise day when president-elect Joe Biden’s election would be officially certified by the Congress, as revenge for the murder of Soleimani.  CBS also reported that U.S. intelligence agencies — not named — did not find this threat “credible.”  One can only assume that Senator Collins knew all of this, but still used the opportunity of the “Capitol Riot” to take a rhetorical stab at Iran anyway.  Why not?

Why not, indeed?  Nevertheless, the good Maine Senator’s initial cognitive response is also doubly illogical.  Donald Trump took — or was assigned — credit for Soliemani’s assassination; logically, you would think that the White House, and not the Capitol, would have been the imaginary Iranian plane’s target, at least according to the “digitized voice recording” referred to above.  After all, the Trump administration took a particularly hard-line against Iran, culminating in the Soleimani hit-job.  For its part, CBS re-reported it’s “not credible” morning story on its Evening newscast, after the Capitol melee, as if to say:  “Never forget those zany Iranians!”

It seems not unreasonable to suspect that the “digitized voice recording” reported by CBS News, and known to Senator Collins based on her self-reported immediate reaction, was a “false flag” operation.  Moreover, the CBS story indicates that U.S. intelligence agencies were aware that a “kinetic” event would be staged at the Capitol on January 6, yet did nothing to prevent it.  The CBS non-story also fails to account for who may have produced and transmitted the “digitized” Iranian threat message to NYC air traffic controllers, which presupposes some degree of sophistication, as well as concern that a nefarious actor could penetrate what should be a secure airport communication system; indeed, that should be the actual story here, or:  “9-1-1, we have another problem!”"

This was considered important enough that intelligence officials put in a briefing that Collins read.

"Can We Reform a FBI that Behaves Like a Gestapo?" (Johnson).  "U.S. Capitol riot: Top officials say they did not see FBI warning of calls for violence" (Wu/Johnson).  "The chief of the Capitol Police said he tried 6 times to call reinforcements to deal with pro-Trump rioters but kept getting blocked" (Bostock/Pickrell).  "Former Capitol Police chief describes "frustrating" call with Army official about reinforcements" (Kaplan).

Remember the 'failure to communicate' between CIA and FBI prior to 9/11?

"Understanding the Kennedy Assassination" (Hornberger):
"In his June 10, 1963, Peace Speech at American University, Kennedy threw the gauntlet down and declared an end to the Cold War and, implicitly, an end to the ever-growing budgets, power, and influence of the national-security establishment. Owing to what was considered JFK’s extremely dangerous conduct that supposedly threatened a U.S. defeat in the Cold War and a takeover of the United States by the communists, Kennedy was deemed to be a grave threat to national security.

The war ended with Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963, in a regime-change operation that was no different in principle from those that preceded it and followed it (e.g., Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Cuba 1960s, Congo 1961, and Chile 1973)."
"Fred Hampton, internationalism, and Palestine: an interview with Jeffrey Haas" (Tamari).

Ferlinghetti, CIA.
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