Sunday, February 28, 2021

Hitler or whatever

"Lee Camp: It’s Time for Major Wealth Redistribution — Yes, I Mean It." (Camp). 

"Media Completely Ignore American Secret Agent’s Trial for Terrorism in Venezuela" (MacLeod):

"Unless you read the local Venezuelan press, you are unlikely to know that an American secret agent is currently standing trial in Venezuela on charges of terrorism and weapons trafficking.

Matthew John Heath was arrested in September outside Amuay and Cardon oil refineries in possession of a submachine gun, a grenade launcher, C4 explosives, a satellite phone and bricks of $20 bills. The Venezuelan government also alleges that he was found carrying a small coin or badge that CIA employees use to prove their identity to one another without raising suspicions. On Wednesday, Heath pled not guilty to all charges.

Situated in Falcon state in the west of the country, the Amuay and Cardon facilities are the largest refineries in the oil-rich nation, considered an enemy of the United States since it elected socialist president Hugo Chavez in 1998. The facilities have been the site of controversy before: in 2012, a fire at the plants killed 55 people; after conducting hundreds of interviews with experts and witnesses and carrying out over 200 inspections and technical tests, the Venezuelan government claimed that the evidence of sabotage was “overwhelming.”

A former marine, Heath is also widely reported to have been a CIA agent, serving the agency as a communications operator between 2006 and 2016, at which time he took a job at security firm MVM (for obvious reasons, the CIA does not confirm or deny the identity of its staff). Although MVM is technically a private company, it was founded by three former Secret Service agents and continues to work closely with Washington. According to business directory Dun & Bradstreet, the firm “provides security staffing and consulting services, primarily to U.S. government entities.” Indeed, the only clients listed on its website are American government agencies. “Need a secret agent?” begins its description of the company."
Feedly won't let me add the Irish Savant's new site.  Glitch or the usual censorship?  I've never had this problem with any other site.

A false-flag attack to coincide with the Purim attack on Syria:  "Israel Says Iran Behind Blast On Israeli-Owned Ship In 'Initial Assessment'" (Durden).

Tweet (Murtaza M. Hussain):
"Real quote: "They immediately set out lionizing Khashoggi as some sort of Nelson Mandela so that they could turn MBS into Hitler or whatever.""
MbS has moved from being under the protection of President Jared to being under the protection of Bibi.  Protection ain't free.  

Sometimes a good bonesawing is just the right thing to do, goyim:  "The antisemitic tweets of murdered Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi" (Frantzman).  Tweet (Amal Saad):
"That the US refuses to sanction MbS for murdering Khashoggi despite holding him responsible, on account of “shared interests” between allies, is an acknowledgement that sanctions are not an instrument of diplomacy, but a form of siege warfare against civilians of enemy states"
Tweet (Jack Posobiec):
"Kamala Harris was not informed prior to the Syrian bombing and is very upset about being left out of the loop, per WH official"
Tweets (Carl Zha):
"So Chinese gov subjected her to systemic gang rape, forced sterilization and then issued her a 10 year passport so she could travel abroad to tell CNN. Got it!
CNN story made it sounds like she escaped frm #Xinjiang on foot across the border, then CNN editor made sure to blur out the issue date of her passport. That’s professionalism!!!"



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