Monday, February 01, 2021

Left praxis

"Protesting against a politician who insults the CIA is a notable innovation in left praxis." and "The dream of a certain kind of liberal today is not so much to represent ordinary people as to police them." and:  ". . . the form of liberalism I have described here is inherently despicable. A democratic society is naturally going to gag when it is told again and again in countless ways, both subtle and gross, that our great national problem is our failure to heed the authority of traditional elites." (Frank).

This bears no relationship with reality, and is a great disappointment from what I thought was a reliable writer.  Is he angling for a job?  "Biden’s Grand Opening" (Galbraith).

Tweets by BrianMier on the Intercept's withholding of some of the Telegram messages between Sérgio Moro and the Lava Jato task force.  I anticipate an angry blast coming from Greenwald.

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