Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Merrick's revenge

Requisite pre-convention lynching:  "CPAC canceled a speaker after he was found sharing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, after declaring this year's theme is 'America Uncanceled'" (Porter).

'White nationalism' scar.  Asians are remarkably underrepresented in Assholian politics (as are Muslims), and it would be nice if these attacks change that.

"Deathbed Confession: FBI and NYPD Responsible for Malcolm X Assassination" (Neuburger).  There are lessons for the present day.

Tweet (Tom Elliott):

"Merrick Garland on domestic terrorism and social media: “We are facing a more dangerous period then we faced in Oklahoma City” before the 1995 bombing"

There was a white nationalist terrorist problem during the Reign of Barry (in fact, back to Clinton-era 'militias', often based on fear of gun confiscation), and news about it was suppressed, I assume so as not to encourage even more.  Most crackers learned a valuable lesson from Charlottesville, where authorities intentionally forced the white nationalists and Antifa together (the exact opposite of standard police kettling to keep warring groups apart), with the entire PR brunt of the inevitable confrontations falling on the white nationalists.  The larping in the Capitol happened as almost nobody amongst the larpers regarded larping as anything close to terrorism or even illegal activity (they were let in by the police in charge to a public building!), hence all the incriminating social media (although some were fooled by QAnon nonsense that this was part of Trump's plan to reverse The Steal).  One lesson the crackers should have learned as far back as Oklahoma City is that all protest groups, in particular, violent ones, are fed infiltrated, and the guy with the most violent ideas  - your Andy Strassmeir type (as far as I know, Strassmeier is still alive, but absolutely nobody wants to talk to him!) - is almost certainly a fed, leading you astray.  The woke Dem plan to turn a mythological fear of white nationalists into an anti-Deplorable police state is quite the escalation.

Some good ideas: "What to Do About Israel?" (Giraldi).  These would be a minimalist position if Assholia has any chance of surviving.  Shekels and blackmail mean none of it is possible.

"Biden: No New Cold Wars or Democracy Crusades" (Buchanan).  A little head fake from Biden's teleprompter.  Gosh, are Assholes ever going to be surprised when WWIII breaks out!  It will be due to some false-flag attack which is currently on nobody's radar, and the shekeled/blackmailed politicians of all parties will immediately fall in line.
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