Sunday, February 28, 2021

Miami vice

Thread by Borzou Daragahi:

"I don't think the US, France, and Germany realize how close Iran is from walking away from the JCPOA and ramping up its nuclear program. Tehran feels it has weathered the worst of "maximum pressure" and emerged stronger. It is in no mood to make concessions." 

Of course, we know that the (((neocons))) don't want a deal, and have set things up specifically so they can gloat when negotiations collapse, putting all the blame on Iran.

"‘Debt-trap diplomacy’ a myth: no evidence China pushes poor nations to seize their assets, says academic" (Nyabiage).  It is quite the outrageous claim when you consider that the alternative is having all your social programs hollowed out by the IMF.

Tweet (Imagine your block without cars) (Cuomo's idea of an 'independent' review):
"remember in late 80s when the feds invstigated Cuomo and pals for trying go take over a Miami Beach S&L bank and drain it of assets? lol #miamivice"
Tweet (Louis):
"Bill Gates’ so-called philanthropy has been shown time and time again to actually be a means of pushing through policies in the interests of corporations, in healthcare, education and beyond globally."
"Amazon Under Fire For Blocking An Anti-Transgender Book" (Turley).  And Clarence Thomas, during Black History Month!
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