Thursday, February 11, 2021

Monster daughter

"Queen of Chicken Hawks: Victoria Nuland Had A Hand in Every US Intervention in the Past 30 Years" (Sterling).

"Off to a Diverse Start" (Giraldi):  "this monster daughter of AIPAC".

Anne Neuberger's husband.

"Return of the War Party" (Boggs).

"Biden Picks Budget Director Who Pushed Social Security Cuts" (Bragman) (from November).  Three years from now, nobody is going to be able to say there was no warning given of how awful things will be.

"Biden's early Israel policies show he won't be much better for Palestinians than Trump" (Erakat).  At NBC News!

"Biden Holds First Phone Call With Xi, Both Sides Offer Vastly Different Accounts Of What Was Said" (Durden):

"Meanwhile, relations between China and the US remain at rock bottom. After years of escalating trade wars between Trump and Xi, the Financial Times reported that Chinese warplanes entered Taiwan’s air defence zone just after Biden’s inauguration and simulated missile attacks on the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier in the South China Sea. Which may explain why the US has now sent a second aircraft carrier in the South China Sea where it is holding naval exercises even as Beijing blasts the "blow to peace and stability."

On Sunday, Biden told CBS News that China would face “extreme competition” from the US. While he praised his Chinese counterpart — whom he knows from his time as Barack Obama’s vice-president — as “very bright”, he said he “doesn’t have a democratic . . . bone in his body”.

Just a few days prior, Blinken told Yang the US would stand up for democracy and human rights, signalling a hawkish stance towards China. “I made clear the US will . . . hold Beijing accountable for its abuses of the international system,” Blinken wrote on Twitter following the call. In response, Yang warned the US not to interfere in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, saying “no one can stop the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation”.

It's unclear if that means that "10 for the big guy" will now stop."

"The Tycoon Plot" (Shamir).

"Orwell's Version of Sapir-Whorf Theory Vindicated" (Sailer).  'Anti-Semitism' is a good example.

"Settler involved in killing has shot Palestinians before" (Murphy).

Tweet (Pablo Navarrete #freeassange):

"It's now been three weeks since I spoke to @AsaWinstanley for @TheCanaryUK about his article 

And still **not one** mainstream UK media outlet has reported on the fact the leader of a major UK political party has hired a former foreign government spy to work in their office"

"Black Lives Matter leader Alicia Garza pulls out of pro-Israel gala" (Brown).  Blackwashing the khleptos.

Life in a Bronfmanocracy:  "Canada’s hypocrisy serves to shield Israeli war crimes" (Kawas).

"Israel supporters are freaking out over the fact Biden hasn’t called Netanyahu yet" (Arria).  No difference in policy, but a cooling of the relationship with Bibi personally.  The Rothschilds want Bibi to calm down, at least a bit.

"The Questionable Characters Behind the Kushner-Linked Insurance Giant Oscar Health" (Diego).  Casino healthcare from the respected and completely pardoned Kushner family.  What could possibly go wrong?

Don't worry, MbS hasn't run out of political prisoners:  "The Saudi women’s rights activists who remain behind bars".

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