Sunday, February 28, 2021


"Russia’s Policy of Peace Is Encouraging War" (Roberts).  "Biden’s Latest Strike on Syria. The S-300 No-Show. The Russia-Israel De Facto Alliance?" (Korybko).

Trump's illegal and immoral attack on Syria used missiles fired from ships, and he gave Russia, per the protocols in place to prevent accidental clashes, enough warning that the Russians were able to warn the Syrians.  The attack by Joe's (((teleprompter))) was smart bombs delivered by F-15s, and the Assholes gave Russia only minutes of warning, not enough to protect human beings at the target site.  Is Korybko suggesting that Russia should have shot down American planes?  That would be crazy.  Even intercepting the bombs would have been regarded as a very unfriendly act by Joe's (((teleprompter))).  I know Korybko has a theory that Russia has some dirty deal with Israel, backed by the 'alt-media', but Russia's failure to act does not reflect badly on Russia.  The S-300s are there primarily to protect Russian bases.  I don't know anybody who is suggesting that Russia ought to start WWIII in order to protect Syria.

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