Monday, February 08, 2021


"Navalny Revolution Collapses in Mutual Recrimination" (Robinson).

"Navalny and Treason" (Armstrong).  

Tweet (Scott Ritter):

"The thing is, when McFaul was at the NSC, he was the point man for vetting Navalny’s Yale package. As Ambassador, he oversaw the relationship between CIA and Navalny. I guess my pointing that out undermined the integrity of his defense of his agent provocateur."

"After backlash from hawks over cordial scenes in Moscow, EU’s foreign envoy backtracks, slamming Russia just days after visit".

Tweet (Ben White):
"Developments since Friday's ruling:

Hundreds of Israeli officials past & present to be called in for briefings "fearing they may be arrested abroad".

Israeli gov't begins "lobbying effort", instructing ambassadors to ask gov'ts "to put political pressure on the ICC prosecutor""
ICC officials are going to be rich!

"In Search of Tomorrow" (Prashad).  Ecuador.  Taking Asshole money to replace Chinese money should, by definition, be treason.

"Dems Deride MTG for Supporting Conspiracies While Claiming Russia Was Behind Capitol Riots" (MacLeod).  Usually people like MTG treat Jews as Gods among us, so I wonder where the Jewish space laser came from.  The theory is quite a bit more specific - Rothschilds and PG&E - than is usually described.

"Why Has Trump Not Been Charged With Criminal Incitement?" (Turley).

"The (New Normal) War on Domestic Terror" (Hopkins).

"Collective Hysteria: Western Leaders Work to Alter the Definition of Reality" (Crooke).  Putin's speech.

"The Journalistic Tattletale and Censorship Industry Suffers Several Well-Deserved Blows" (Greenwald).  Retard roundup.

"Trimaine is an educator who works nonstop,
Providing his community with hotspots,
Laptops and tech workshops"
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