Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Nothing but respect for this level of delusion

Tweet (Mike Cernovich) (ha!):

 "Has the FBI found who planted those bombs at the RNC the night before the January 6 Capitol event?"

"Twilight of the Snitches: Oath Keepers Leader Who Led Capitol Storm Also an FBI Agent" (Anglin).  You'd think they would have filtered out their false-flag agents before charging them.

Tweet (Kenneth P. Vogel) (rarely do you see shekeling so celebrated out loud! - 'worth it') (also):

"In 2015, @NeeraTanden got blowback for inviting BIBI NETANYAHU to @amprog, but she indicated it "may have sealed the deal with a new board member.” 

Later, Tanden noted BAIN CAPITAL's JONATHAN LAVINE (a major donor) was joining, “so Netanyahu was worth it""

Tweet (Zaid Jilani):

"More details emerge about the McNeil, who violated the NYT's unwritten rule against eating imported tomatoes"

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists permanently jumped the shark when it moved its stupid clock just because Trump, but this seals it.  We're in a difficult situation when nuclear WWIII, a War For The Jews, is woke!

Tracey on Greenwald on the monster Hannah-Jones, a 'journalist', and her apologists (background) (background).

Sailer versus Twitter.  There is all kind of stuff  by Sailer the 'scientific racist' that Twitter could label 'hateful conduct', so it at least curious what they decided to use as their deplatforming excuse.

Replacing the 'Great Replacement' with “génocide par substitution”.

Lipstick in the army.  Obviously not for the benefit of actual women, but for the benefit of the new tranny army, which will scare/disgust the poor Russians to death.

"Outrage as Oxford college holds event with controversial filmmaker Ken Loach" (Frot).  It was, of course, the Khazars who came up with the splendid idea of censorship on the basis that the truth might damage the delicate sensibilities of those who might hear it.  Come on goyim, it you are no more than a group of mass-murdering Khleptomaniac thieves, wouldn't you feel bad at somebody pointing it out to you?

"Liberal Zionists want ‘criticism’ of Israel for occupation — but go silent when ICC threatens actual consequences" (Weiss).  Weiss (ironically) nails lite Zionism.

Tweet (Aaron Maté):

"It helps when your massive oil wealth; citizenry that is a fraction of the actual population; and slave labor gives you the means to pay other countries to send you to space. Even better when you're also not living under murderous sanctions aimed at destroying your economy."

"Americans angry they may no longer qualify for $1,400 stimulus checks, say it feels like a ‘targeted attack’ on middle class" (Adamczyk).

"Jolani gets a make-over in Idlib" (Sahiounie).  Blinken puts lipstick on a pig to do Yinon in Syria.  Related:  "Is President Biden Going To Get Out of Afghanistan?" (Bandow).  Sadly, I think the only reason for the slight, possible Biden moves on ending the War For The Jews on Yemen is so the CIA can stick it to MbS.

"Mexico’s President Is Taking On Big Tech" ('Hunter Wallace').  Nice!  Ideally, besides the multi-million dollar fine, one officer or director should be randomly selected for summary execution.

"Why India’s Farmers’ Protests have Sikhs Fearing Violent Attacks" (Hundal):

"India is a multi-faith country being transformed into a country where Hindus are top-tier citizens and everyone else is below them on the pecking order. Anyone who disagrees is painted as ‘anti-national’."

Full Moon (the common thread is PR and 'journalism' attempting to deal with the impossible problems of the Empire):

  1. "This Is Why They Attack Him - Putin Explains Why We Need New Economic Policies";
  2. "Lebanon - British Embassy Infiltrates Military Intelligence, Provides Snooping Equipment, Indoctrinates Young Palestinians";
  3. "Why Do These Uighur Witnesses' Stories Constantly Change?";
  4. "Bashing Russia When One Needs It Doesn't Work Well";
  5. "New York Times Editors Lie, Obfuscate Facts, To Reinforce Their False Russia Narrative" (The Saker on the headless chicken); and
  6. "Claims Of Chinese 'Debt Trap Diplomacy' Are Propaganda - (Told You So)".

Tweet (Chris Hayes):

"Something I've noticed is that the political valence of moral relativism has really changed over the last 20 yrs. I feel like the left used to make relativistic arguments far more when I was younger and the right made moral absolutist arguments and things have now kinda switched."


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