Friday, February 05, 2021


"Was Fraud in the 2020 Election Inconceivable?" (Hornberger).  The CIA and Chile.

"Gamestop or Game Over? Day Traders Take on Wall Street" (Hawk):

"To make long story short, a group of small-time investors used Reddit forums to strategize and coordinate in order to take advantage of emerging trends. One tactic they developed was focusing on stocks that major hedge funds were shorting in order to drive down their stock price and render the targeted companies more vulnerable to a hostile take-over by private equity firms, to be followed by asset-stripping. Given the distress the COVID-19 pandemic inflicted on the retail sector, particularly specialized retail chains that were already struggling with such giants as Wal-Mart and Amazon even in the best of times, these types of stocks were attractive targets for hedge funds.

Considering the political power wielded by Wal-Mart and especially Amazon, the combination of foot-dragging on economic assistance to distressed businesses and hedge funds operations may actually be part of a coordinated strategy. Once specialized retail chains are driven out of business by that combination of policies, they will not be replaced by similar businesses. Rather, their market share will inevitably fall to Wal-Mart and Amazon."

The build-up to WWIII is full steam ahead: tweet (Mark Ames) (bellicose Biden):
"“We will defeat QAnon by spinning a xenophobic conspiracy theory claiming Russian sorcery mind-controlled Trumpists into storming the Capitol” is another brilliant Dem Party strategy. And they’re just getting started."
This isn't a joke - WWIII is happening because the Jews want it, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it, goyim.

"The decline and fall of the American empire" (Benjamin/Davies).

Tweets by Aaron Maté on BlueAnon, Good; QAnon, Bad.  "The Q-Word: Weapon of Choice for Smearing Opponents" (FitzGibbon).

"Pressure mounts on State Dep’t: If Navalny deserves support, why not Issa Amro?" (Weiss).

"The West Is Losing Its Soft Power" (Armstrong).

"The last two decades of my life have been a nightmare without end" (O'Neil):
"“Just wondering” — John Wiseman who brought the episode to my attention on Twitter recently asked — “is using candy and toys to lure children to probe for suspected IEDs a war crime?” 
That’s a good question. I would assume so but I would also assume it doesn’t count when it’s us doing it. When we do it it’s heroism."
"“The Vibe in North Houston”: A Report on Working Class Men Betrayed and in Angst" (Amfortas the hippie):
"This disenchantment and inchoate anger and nebulous sense of betrayal is almost never reported…so when it boils over in some orgy of violence, we’re always shocked and at pains to explain it."
"Republicans Accuse Ocasio-Cortez Of Not Being Anywhere Near Place They Told Capitol Mob She Would Be" (The Onion).  Tweet (Michael Tracey) (also):
"Congress has turned into some kind of bizarre public psychotherapy session where elected officials compete amongst one another for who can exhibit the most overbearing narcissistic personality disorder"
Tweet (Jack Posobiec):
"BREAKING: AOC just emailed her followers to mass-report everyone who tweeted #AlexandriaOcasioSmollet today so Twitter and Facebook will take down any posts criticizing or fact-checking her"
"Corrupt firm funded by right-wing candidate will produce Ecuador election exit polls" (Norton).

CIA agents hiding behind diplomatic immunity.  They do the same thing with journalists, and it endangers the lives of real journalists - well, assuming there are any - and diplomats.
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